Ghost Recon Wildlands Will Get A New Map In The Open Beta

Credit: Ubisoft

After the closing of the closed beta for Ghost Recon: Wildlands, an email went out from Ubisoft confirming that the Open Beta would boast new content that fans haven't seen yet including a new province to explore though they have yet to tell us which.

While many players were disappointed at the lack of difficulty in the closed beta, Ubisoft has confirmed that difficulty depends on the area being explored, so new areas mean new difficulty levels. Hopefully they'll set us up with a challenge.

The email announcement was sent to all the players who participated in the closed beta. The open beta should be available soon, though they have yet to announce a date. Should be soon since the game is slated for release in March. If the open beta follows the same pattern we've just seen for For Honor, that will place the open beta period between March 2nd and March 5th which is a bit late in development for Ubisoft to implement changes. But that probably won't stop them from doing it.

The open beta confirmation came during their latest earnings call, the details of which you can find here. The lack of a date is frustrating but, we'll update you as we hear. Alongside the game, Ubisoft plans to release a documentary to go with Wildlands. The US trailer for the game is below. A UK specific trailer can be seen here (for those of you in the UK, I'm upset about missing the cat you know).

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