Ghost Recon: Wildlands is Adding Lootboxes Soon

Ubisoft has announced that the Ghost Recon: Wildlands is adding loot boxes in the near future.

Ghost Recon: Wildlands is Adding Lootboxes Soon

The debate about loot boxes has indeed been a prickly one in recent months. From Destiny 2 to Shadow of War to the massive fallout of over Star Wars Battlefront 2, that debate between publisher and consumer has been pretty heated.

Well, a little after the fact, Ghost Recon: Wildlands is going to spin the wheel to see if it can make the microtransactions work. After nearly a year of it being out, Ubisoft has announced that at the end of the month, 'Battle Crates' will be coming to the game. There will be two variants from the Spec Ops Crate to the Ghost War Crate. Spec Ops Crates are focused on single player and co-op content, while Ghost War is on the games' PvP side. The crates contain anything from weapons, vehicles to cosmetics, and can be bought for 400 credits each (or of course buyable with real money). Once they go live in game, you will get a complimentary version of both boxes.

The nice saving grace of the boxes and what set them apart from most is that you won't get any duplicates. This means you'll never have to go through that familiar pain of getting one in a game and getting nothing new from it.

It will be interesting to see how this is received. While not the biggest community in the world, Wildlands like many Ubisoft games has found a pretty stable audience. Hopefully, this doesn't rock the boat too much, but it could… well, it could do just that.

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