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Eightball #11 featuring the start of Ghost World (Fantagraphics Books, 1993)
Daniel Clowes got his start in comics contributing to Cracked magazine in 1985 and shortly after Fantagraphics published his Lloyd Llewellyn series.  Since then he's become an Oscar-nominated screenwriter and has received Eisner, Harvey and Ignatz awards for comics and the PEN Award for literature.  His most famous and acclaimed work has appeared in the[...]
The Weekly Static Interviews: Patrick Fischler of Happy! and Twin Peaks
Together they also raise Roscoe and Lady, local rescue dogs. Credit: Sharp & Associates TV Shows You've Seen Him In: DirecTV's Kingdom; Showtime's Shameless, Dice, Weeds and Californication; HBO's Silicon Valley, Veep and Curb Your Enthusiasm; USA's Suits; AMC's Mad Men; ABC's Lost, Scandal, Fresh Off the Boat and Grey's Anatomy; NBC's Law & Order: SVU; CBS' Criminal Minds; IFC's Maron; and[...]
Essential 8 Comic Book Movies – From Portland, With Kleenex And Ricola
While Superman may have made mainstream audience believe a man could fly ten years earlier, Batman's serious tone and action movie appeal coupled with memorable performances, vivid set design, Burton's unique vision and a quotable script broke box office records and set the stage for decades of collaboration between comic books and major Hollywood films. Ghost[...]