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Brenton Thwaites Talks Ghosts of War and the Horror Genre (Interview)
The psychological, wartime horror film hybrid titled Ghosts of War has just been released, starring Brenton Thwaites leading four other American soldiers who are sent to hold a French chateau from Nazi soldiers approaching the end of WWII The film is helmed by The Butterfly Effect writer and director Eric Bress, making this his sophomore[...]
Check Out The Trailer For New World War 2 Film Ghosts Of War
Ghosts of War is a new World War 2 set horror film from Vertical Entertainment that will hit DirectTV on June 18th, with an expansion to other digital services on July 17th The film stars Brenton Thwaites, Alan Ritchson, Skylar Astin, Theo Rossi, Kyle Gallner, Billy Zane, and Shaun Toub, and is written and directed by[...]
Netflix's Spectral Gets Comic Book Prequel Today
Today, Legendary comics has released the prequel, Spectral: Ghosts of War, as a digital comic through comixology. This official prequel graphic novel tells a new story of survival in the face of a weaponized force of phantoms known as 'spectrals.' When a war-torn city is overrun by a terrifying army of ghosts, a group of school-friends set out on a[...]