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3 First Wolverine Appearances At Auction, One Owned By Glenn Danzig
But the second with a grade of 9.0 was owned by rock star Glenn Danzig. The third at 7.0 is for the five-figure cheapskates amongst you Glenn Danzig has had a long history of an interest in comic books, especially working with the likes of Simon Bisley and Grant Morrison on his own Verotik comic book[...]
Glenn Danzig Launches Muertana in Verotik October 2020 Solicits
Glenn Danzig is returning to comic books with his comic book publisher Verotik And, under a cover from his favourite artist Simon Bisley, comes Muertana, drawn by Rafa Garres, Costanza, and Jason Blood and in plenty of time for Hallowe'en. Glenn Danzig Launches Muertana in Verotik October 2020 Solicits. MUERTANA #1 (MR) VEROTIK AUG201726 (W) Glenn Danzig (A) Rafa Garres,[...]
Frank Frazetta Original Artwork, Up for Auction at Heritage – From Glenn Danzig
Lightly toned and in Excellent condition. From the Glenn Danzig Collection Buy It Now: $180,000. Frank Frazetta – Warrior Illustration Original Art (undated) An expressive gestural illustration of a warrior, by the fantasy master! Plenty of delicate detail for such a small area Created in ink and watercolor on Bristol board with a matted image area of[...]
Jonathan Hickman Calls X-Men Continuity "Random Unconnected Gibberish"
Just random unconnected gibberish." Hickman's complaint garnered support from fellow X-Men writers, such as Zac Thompson, one of the masterminds behind the current Age of X-Man event. A pain I know all too well. — Zac Thompson (@ZacBeThompson) June 25, 2019 As well as longtime X-writer Fabian Nicieza: Been there done that — Fabian Nicieza (@FabianNicieza) June 25, 2019 It looks like[...]
Never Mind The Mutants
  See, now this is "transformative". Work from James Zark, dubbed Never Mind The Mutants, taking images of pop stars and transforming them into X-Men and selling them for $15 and up, Debbie Harry into Phoenix, Iggy Pop into Angel, Johnny Rotten as Iceman, Glenn Danzig as Wolverine, Ian Curtis as Cyclops and Henry Rollins as Colossus. You[...]