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3 Pages from December's Go Go Power Rangers #36

Thanksgiving Dinner at Rita Repulsa's House in Go Go Power Rangers #26

Thanksgiving is comic up, and it's a time to set aside differences and sit down with loved ones for a nice dinner where you promptly remember those differences and fight about it for hours. It's a tradition that Rita Repulsa and Tommy Oliver honor in this first look preview at explosive publisher BOOM! Studios' Saban's […]

Power Rangers Get Psycho as New Figure is Revealed by Hasbro

Power Rangers have been around for many Generations from classics like Mighty Morphin to the new Beast Morphers. One of and underrated seasons was one of my favorite series Power Rangers in Space! The space element pulled the Rangers in new directions. And how can you forget the Ninja Turtle and Power Rangers crossover!? Hasbro […]

Check in on Regular Show 25 Years Later: BOOM! Studios June 2018 Solicits

New miniseries, By Night from writer John Allison and artist Christine Larsen, begins, you can hate Mondays once more with Garfield Homecoming, and see how things turn out with Regular Show: 25 Years Later. All of this plus Adventure Time, Power Rangers, Planet of the Apes, WWE, and plenty of others are revealed in the Boom! Studios June 2018 solicits. Details below.   APR181089 BY NIGHT #1 […]

You Better Go Go Read The New Power Rangers Comic

If you're not currently reading any of the Power Rangers comics as produced by Boom! Studios, then you are doing yourself a tremendous disservice. With writer Kyle Higgins taking the stage front and center in bringing the world of the Mighty Moprhin Power Rangers to the comic book page, a new world has been revealed. […]