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Crossover #4 Crosses Over With Another Donny Cates & Geoff Shaw Comic
This may be one way Donny Cates could avoid trademark and copyright issues, by giving us new combinations of familiar figures. But he has another crossover, this time with Cates and Shaw's previous book, and the one that was the big breakout hit for both of them, God Country, with the legacy of Emmett Quinlan. And a[...]
Such as that wielded in God Country, an enchanted sword that keeps an elderly man from slipping into dementia Or the truth behind All-Black the necrosword in Venom and Thor, formed out of symbiote stuff and wielded as the godkiller that it is. Now Cates is teasing a new creator owned comic book with Dylan Burnett,[...]
God Country to Be a Movie as Donny Cates Ascends to Global Superstar Status
If you thought hot shot comic book writer Donny Cates was confident before, wait until you see him after he's scored a big-time Hollywood movie deal! Even worse, wait until you see Rich Johnston step up his game of writing Cates gooey love letters disguised as Bleeding Cool articles! That's right, Donny Cates is about to transcend comics[...]
God Country
I anticipate their take on the book will be fantastic and insane, and that it will be a beautiful story wrapped around a very human journey — even if the titular character is anything but human. Why am I ecstatic about a book I previously didn't even notice was on the shelves? Because of God Country. First,[...]