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An Affordable Piece of MLJ History: Suzie #51 at ComicConnect!
From Phantom Lady #17 to Batman #1, we've seen some of the best that the Golden Age world has to offer! For those of you who are looking for an affordable, if not off the beaten path of regular good girl art, look no further than Suzie #51. Suzie was introduced into the MLJ (Archie Comics)[...]
Get a Piece of Good Girl Art History with Phantom Lady #17!
Good girl art is ubiquitous with the Golden Age of comics The term was initially coined in the 1930s to describe the way women were sometimes drawn in comic books, comic strips, and pulp magazines The women are always young, attractive, and dressed in provocative outfits This type of art really took off in the[...]
Lauren Looks Back: Matt Baker
This gave him the reputation of being one of the industry's best Good Girl Artists, a title that still sticks today! His most famous character would have to be Phantom Lady While he didn't come up with the character (the Igor Studio–specifically Arthur Peddy created her) he gave her the look we all know and[...]