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Channing Tatum's Gambit Movie Loses Yet Another Director

Sometimes the cinematic gods let it be known that a film isn't meant to be made, and none so much than Channing Tatum's much-maligned and problematic Gambit. Could it be good? Sure, it if ever gets past the early stages of development. After several starts and stops including writers, directors, ACTORS, it seemed like the film about […]

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Rumor: Filming for Channing Tatum's Gambit Pushed Back One Month to March

A new report has surfaced claiming that production on Gambit, the X-Men spinoff spearheaded by Channing Tatum, has been pushed back to March. Tatum is set to star in the film and is also producing it. Tatum is joined by Lizzy Caplan in the Gore Verbinski film. Omega Underground has the report on the production start […]

A Cure For Wellness, The Long Awaited Directorial Return Of Gore Verbinski

Punk rock guitarist turned innovative film director Gore Verbinski has returned to the directorial chair for the first time since his 2013 film The Lone Ranger. That being the fifth Johnny Depp movie the director did in a ten-year span, having only taken a break to do the Weather Man with Nicolas Cage. In his […]

20th Century Fox To Remake Clue

A remake of Clue has landed at 20th Century Fox. Based on the board game, the 1985 flick, starring Tim Curry and stellar actors like Madeline Kahn, Christopher Lloyd and Eileen Brennan, went out to theaters with various endings and cards mimicking the game's notepad. Audiences were encouraged to guess who did it before the […]

Check Out This Concept Art From The Cancelled Bioshock Movie

The story about the development of the Bioshock movie is an interesting, but ultimately disappointing one. The film is pretty much dead now, but every once in a while something rises to the surface giving us a glimpse at what could have been. The film went through a couple directors, but the most prominent was […]

Lone Ranger Way Over Schedule, Way Over Budget And Getting Rewritten

Once upon a time, Disney's The Lone Ranger movie wasn't going to get made because the big number at the bottom of the budget sheet was just too high. The studio worked to get that number down, and had soon cut things back enough that they were happy to turn on the green light. Now, a few […]

A Helicopter Trip Over The Lone Ranger Set

You'll get a sense of the scale and style of the Lone Ranger set standing in Utah from this video fly-by. You won't see any action going on, but it's still an interesting sneak for those anticipating the film. video platformvideo managementvideo solutionsvideo player What proportion of the film will take place in and around […]

Want To Be In The Lone Ranger, Native Americans Of New Mexico?

We've received a casting notice for Lone Ranger, which will be shooting in New Mexico under the codename Silver Bullet. This suggests they're still using the Werewolf-riddled script, but all other info we have says not. We'll see. Here are the details: Major Motion Picture, Silver Bullet is currently seeking Native American males and females […]

Cary Fukunaga To Direct Sci-Fi Thriller Spaceless

After Sin Nombre and Jane Eyre, it was anybody's bet what Cary Fukunaga would do next. You would have been smart to follow a tip from screenwriter Jeff Vintar, however, when he revealed on Twitter that Fukunaga was chasing a deal to finally bring his sci-fi script Spaceless to the screen. The long-hot concept has […]

Rango Blu-Ray To Include A Director's Cut

The first I caught any indication that the theatrical version of Rango was anything less than how director Gore Verbinski would have wanted it was yesterday, when the BBFC classified a longer, "director's cut". This never happens with these CG toons. Well – apart from now. The additional material has not altered the film's certificate, […]