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Over the weekend we reported that Grand Theft Auto IV was taken off the Steam marketplace and made unavailable for purchase Today, we now know the reason why Rockstar Games responded to The Verge and let them know the reasoning, which has more to do with game keys than anything else Here's the quote they[...]
"Grand Theft Auto IV" Has Been Delisted From Steam
Credit: Rockstar Games If you had a hankering to play Grand Theft Auto IV for any reason on PC this weekend, you might have to resort to breaking it out on console, as it's been delisted from Steam. While there's still a page for the game on the platform, there's no way to purchase it[...]
Rockstar Removes Several Tracks from Grand Theft Auto IV via Licensing
This week, Rockstar Games removed a good chunk of the music from their 2008 game Grand Theft Auto IV, primarily because the game was only allowed a ten-year licensing agreement on this music and now it has to go before they're forced to pay royalties We have the complete list for you below, and if[...]