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Bryan Talbot's Grandville Prequel, The Casebook Of Stamford Hawksmoor
Bryan Talbot tells me "BTW, as a fan of Grandville [I am], you might be interested to know [I am] that the book I'm planning to draw after Mary [Talbot]'s next is a Grandville prequel, set 23 years before the first book, at the time of the French withdrawal from Britain – "The Casebook of[...]
An "Unboxing" Of Bryan Talbot's Grandville: Integrale Graphic Novel
Bleeding Cool has been running stories about Grandville by Bryan Talbot since Bleeding Cool was a thing A series of graphic novels telling an anthropomorphic steampunk alternate history Victoriana detective mystery action-adventure, it plays with the traditions of French graphic novels, with British sensibilities and references, and happens to be utterly gorgeous And this week[...]
The Complete Grandville L'Intégrale From Bryan Talbot In 2021
Yesterday, the Bryan Talbot Fanpage posted news of a complete collected edition of Talbot's anthropomorphic steampunk Victorian detective thriller, Grandville To be published in June from Dark Horse and Jonathan Cape for a deservedly high price, containing all five graphic novels in the series Grandville is a favourite of ours at Bleeding Cool and you[...]
Grandville: Noel – The Evil That Unicorns Do
One of my favourite comic book reads in the runup to Christmas has been Grandville: Noel, the fourth volume in Bryan Talbot's stellar steampunk anthropomorphic detective thriller series And with this volume, given the title and the time of year, takes on a religious feeling. There's nothing a new reader needs to know upon reading the book, but[...]
This Is Bryan Talbot's World, We're Just Lucky Enough To Live In It
Which began with the kind of stunt arranged by artist Kate Charlesworth that literary audiences aren't really used to. [vimeo][/vimeo] Out in the UK this summer, it's now just being released in the US from Dark Horse. His next book, the fourth of his Victoriana steampunk anthropomorphic Grandville graphic novel series, Grandville Noel will launch at the end[...]
My Favourite Joke In Grandville: Bete Noire by Bryan Talbot
There are lots of good jokes in the new Grandville volume from Bryan Talbot. And lots of action adventure, swashbuckling, derring do and that unique brand of anthropomorphic steampunky Anglo/French struggle that rips through every page of Grandville at a cracking pace. But this is my favourite In a scene similar to the James Bond/Q briefings, Inspector[...]
"The Badger.. Is Back!" – Bryan Talbot Intoduces Grandville Vol 3 – Bete Noire
I think we know which side of the argument Detective Inspector LeBrock would be on.. [youtube][/youtube] Grandville Vol 3 – Bete Noire is out soon in the US and the UK. There's been a bit of fuss in the UK of late about the principle of culing badgers to prevent tuberculosis in cattle[...]
Bryan Talbot Announces Grandville III: Bête Noire
Bryan Talbot has announced the threequel to his steampunk anthropomorphic series of graphic albums, Grandville Bête Noire follows the original book and its sequel Mon Amour, detailing the adventures of a Sherlock Holmes/James Bond hybrid, in badger form. And here's the cover, and page one… Thanks to all the people who emailed me this one[...]
Radio 4′s Book Programming To Shun Comics?
BBC Radio 4 have a number of book review programmes, which takes a relatively highbrow approach to modern literature. Last year Radio 4's Saturday Review ran a thorough roundtable piece on Bryan Talbot's Grandville, so publishers got in touch with another show, wondering if they might like to look at the sequel. And[...]
Grandville Threequel To Be Called "Bete Noire"
The first Grandville book, a steam punk romantic anthropormophic thriller, starring a badger halfway between Sherlock Holmes and James Bond, has been followed by Grandville Mon Amour, currently going through a "soft launch" and available in bookshops shortly. But before most people get a chance to buy the second, Bryan Talbot has announced his third book[...]
Bryan Talbot Vs Dave Sim – The Next Chapter (UPDATE)
Now, three years later, I make a passing reference to Dave's well documented opinions in one panel out of a whole 96 page graphic novel and it's seen as some sort of vendetta! In the Grandville series I'm pastiching all sorts of famous anthropomorphic characters and I didn't want to leave Cerebus out I'm a[...]
Numbercrunching: Grandville Mon Amour by Bryan Talbot
Name: Grandville Mon Amour Creator: Bryan Talbot Price: £16.99 ($11.99) Story pages: 94 Price per thick glossy oversized gorgeously coloured page: 18 pence (27 cents) Is there previous history?: Grandville, published last year is a wonderful anthropormorphic fin-de-siecle steampunk detective thriller, somewhere between Sherlock Holmes and Bulldog Drummond, with influences from everything from Tintin to the Phileas Fogg cartoon to[...]
New Trailer for Grandville Mon Amour
As reported by BC in August, Grandville is returning for a second installment this year called Grandville Mon Amour The 108 page hardcover created by Bryan Talbot is set for release in December, and here's the new trailer promoting the release: And here's a preview of the material: Grandville Mon Amour is scheduled to hit stores[...]