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Ablaze Picks Up Comic Book License For Grumpy Cat
Ablaze will now be publishing Grumpy Cat comic books, a license previously held by Dynamite Entertainment Ablaze states they have signed an agreement that covers Grumpy Cat comic books, graphic novels and a tribute book. Ablaze Picks Up Comic Book License For Grumpy Cat The World's Grumpiest Cat— and the world's most adorable internet sensation—continues to delight[...]
Grumpy Cat
That means The Shadow vs Batman, Bettie Page, Dresden Files, James Bond, Agent 47 — and Grumpy Cat and Pokey #1 by writers Ben McCool, Elliott Serrano, and Ben Fisher and artists MAgnes Garbowska, Steve Uy, and Ken Haeser This is the start of the second Dynamite series featuring the Internet sensation Grumpy Cat[...]
Exclusive Extended Previews For James Bond, Vampirella And More
We have previews for all and exclusive extended previews for James Bond: Kill Chain #4, Swordquest #4, Clash of Kings #5, Grumpy Cat/Garfield #3, Vampirella #7 and Mighty Mouse #5. Swordquest #4 writers: Chad Bowers, Chris Sims artist: Ghostwriter X covers: Goñi Montes (A) George Pérez (B) Ken Haesar (C) Armed with the knowledge of the history of[...]
Exclusive First Look At Dynamite's Graphic Novels And Trades Shipping December 2017
This batch is their graphic novels and trades which includes Grumpy Cat/Garfield, Bob's Burgers, Pathfinder, Kiss, Justice Inc, The Shadow, and Warlords of Mars, plus the hardcover collection of photos by Johnny Wu in 10 Frames Per Second, An Articulated Adventure featuring his work with action figures. 10 FRAMES PER SECOND, AN ARTICULATED ADVENTURE Hardcover Cover: Johnny[...]
Exclusive Extended Previews – Fruit Ninja #1 Leads Dynamite's Big Week
We have exclusive extended previews for Fruit Ninja #1, Green Hornets Meets The Spirit #3, Grumpy Cat/Garfield #2 and Swordquest #3 But also shipping this week are Animal Jams #3, Greatest Adventure #5, Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys #6, Pathfinder Vol 1 Dark Waters trade, Pathfinder: Worldscape hardcover, Garth Ennis' Red Team: Double Tap,[...]
Exclusive Look Inside Of Grumpy Cat / Garfield #1
We have an exclusive look inside the new Grumpy Cat / Garfield series from Dynamite Entertainment and BOOM! Studios The three-part mini-series is being written by Mark Evanier (Garfield and Friends) and drawn by artist Steve Uy (Avengers: the Initiative) and will hit stores August 2nd The series will include a story inspired and approved[...]
Mark Evanier Brings Together Feline Sensations Garfield And Grumpy Cat In New Mini-Series
Grumpy Cat/Garfield will be a three-part mini-series from writer Mark Evanier (Garfield and Friends) and artist Steve Uy (Avengers: The Initiative) kicking off August 2nd And there will be a story inspired and approved by icon Jim Davis, himself. It's the inevitable meeting of these two loveable sourpusses! Garfield, the reigning cynical cat of newspapers and TV[...]
Ch-Ch-Changes: Mark Evanier Will Write Garfield/Grumpy Cat Crossover, Not Jim Davis
Last week, BOOM! Studios announced the super-mega-crossover event to end all super-mega-crossover events: Grumpy Cat/Garfield! That's right, two of comics' most iconic feline characters will finally share a series this Summer, and comics will never be the same again! The original press release said that Garfield creator Jim Davis would write the story: An exclusive partnership between Dynamite[...]
Grumpy Cat To Meet Garfield In New Series From Dynamite / BOOM!
Dynamite Entertainment and BOOM! Studios' kaboom! imprint are bringing together two of the most famous cats in the world" Grumpy Cat and Garfield The new limited series will include a story by Garfield creator Jim Davis. Nick Barrucci, CEO and Publisher of Dynamite says: Working with the fine folks at Grumpy Cat has been absolutely wonderful.  We've[...]
The Complete First Chapter Of Grumpy Cat Vol 3: Grumpus
Dynamite has sent over the full first chapter from their new Grumpy Cat Vol 3: Grumpus hardcover collection that comes out this week to local comic shops It features a multiple stories from a variety of writers and artists like: Ben McCool, Elliot Serrano, Royal McGraw, Ben Fisher, Steven Uy, Ken Haeser and Derek Fridolfs[...]
Exclusive Extended Preview For Miss Fury And Grumpy Cat
And then from Miss Fury to Miss Furry with Grumpy Cat #6 as the frowning feline has to teach two dog-loving boys the difference between cats and dogs. Miss Fury #4 writer: Corinna Bechko artist: Jonathan Lau covers: Tula Lotay (a), Jonathan Lau (b) Miss Fury uncovers the sinister facts behind what the Minor Key is planning, but[...]
Dynamite To Print Over 140,000 Copies Of Grumpy Cat Vol 2
Dynamite Entertainment is kicking off their pre-SDCC announcements with word of a second Grumpy Cat trade The first trade, Grumpy Cat Vol 1: Misadventures has sold over 100,000 copies Now, Grumpy Cat Vol 2: Grumpy Cat & Pokey is getting a 140,000 print run and will be in shops July 13th and in bookstores July[...]
From Grumpy Cat To Post-Apocalyptic Drama – Ben Fisher Talks The Great Divide
Ben Fisher, best known for writing Grumpy Cat, is now shifting gears and working on a post-apocalyptic drama series called The Great Divide He talks with Byron Brewer about the first issue that will be on sale from Dynamite in September. Cover A by Mike Henderson, Cover B by Adam Markiewicz, Cover C by Kyle Strahm. BYRON BREWER:[...]
Dynamite Tuesday: Boo – The World's Cutest Dog Gets A Comic Series
Though Taco Tuesday may put up a fight. The publisher, who is already home to comics about Grumpy Cat, is now climbing into the dog bed with Boo – The World's Cutest Dog Another social media sensation with more than 17.5 million Facebook fans and 600,000 Instagram followers… I have like 6… is getting a comic[...]
FOOL; Dynamite's Women To Lead New Summer Event Again
The recently redesigned Dejah Thoris, Red Sonja and Vampirella will be joined by their newest hit series Grumpy Cat. I'm told Gail Simone is not leading this event, but did have a say in choosing some of the creative teams. The story revolves around the Egyptian Goddess Bastet's return to Earth Something that happens every hundred years[...]