Exclusive Extended Preview For Miss Fury And Grumpy Cat

We've got two exclusive extended previews for books shipping from Dynamite this week. First up is the fourth issue of Miss Fury by writer Corinna Bechko and artist Jonathan Lau as we learn more of the heroines powers. And then from Miss Fury to Miss Furry with Grumpy Cat #6 as the frowning feline has to teach two dog-loving boys the difference between cats and dogs.

Miss Fury #4
writer: Corinna Bechko artist: Jonathan Lau covers: Tula Lotay (a), Jonathan Lau (b)

Miss Fury uncovers the sinister facts behind what the Minor Key is planning, but is it already too late to stop them? As time grows short, Marla delves deeper into her own shadowy past in Brazil, and the true nature of the power that she barely holds in check. Can it be used for good, or is she doomed to hasten the very thing she fears will come to pass?

MissFury2016-004 1 MissFury2016-004 2 MissFury2016-004 3 MissFury2016-004 4 MissFury2016-004 5 MissFury2016-004 6 MissFury2016-004 7 MissFury2016-04-Cov-A-Lotay MissFury2016-04-Cov-B-Lau

Grumpy Cat #6
writers: Ben Fisher, Derek Fridolfs,Ilias Kyriazis artists: Ken Haeser, Ilias Kyriazis, Steve Uy covers: Agnes Garbowska (a), Ken Haeser (b), Ry-Spirit (c)

Three more misadventures of The World's Grumpiest Cat! When two dog-loving boys visit the household, they can't wait to play fetch and take Grumpy Cat for a walk. Wait until you see how the curmudgeonly kitten teaches these kids the difference between canines and felines! Next, Grumpy and Pokey discover a supposed genie's lamp… and their wishes are whimsical and wacky! Finally, a local witch wants to recruit the two cats as her supernatural familiars. What's more superstitious than a black cat? A white-and-gray cat with a blackened spirit!

GrumpyCat2016-06-Cov-A-Garbowska GrumpyCat2016-06-Cov-B-Haeser GrumpyCat2016-06-Cov-C-Spirit GrumpyPokey2016-006-Int 1 GrumpyPokey2016-006-Int 2 GrumpyPokey2016-006-Int 3 GrumpyPokey2016-006-Int 4 GrumpyPokey2016-006-Int 5 GrumpyPokey2016-006-Int 6 GrumpyPokey2016-006-Int 7

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