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The Declasse Tulip Arrives in Grand Theft Auto Online This Week

This week in Grand Theft Auto Online, players are taken back to the 1970s with the Declasse Tulip muscle car, plus some extra rewards for select Adversary Modes. The Declasse Tulip is available exclusively at Southern San Andreas Super Autos this week in GTA so you can relive the '70s with the Tulip's massive hood, classic curves, […]

GTA Online independence day 2018

GTA Online Celebrates Independence Day with Oodles of Explosions

Tomorrow is July 4th (America's Independence Day), and no game is going to celebrate as hard as Grand Theft Auto Online, which is selling tons of fireworks, firework launchers, patriotic face paint, clothing, and muskets at 40% off through July 9th. Nothing is more American than setting stuff on fire and drinking your bodyweight in beer […]

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Rumor: GTA Online Teasing New Radio Stations Coming Summer 2018

Rockster Games seems to be teasing new music coming to GTA Online with posts on social media that seems to be promotional art for a concert held in the town of Los Santos. Additionally, there's even more promo art on Rockstar's official website. The fictional lineup includes four electronic artists: Solomun, Tale of Us, Dixon, and […]

Tax Rebate Season has Come to Grand Theft Auto Online

If you aren't going to be getting major savings this tax season, at least Rockstar Games wants to show you some love with a GTA Online tax refund. Starting today, players can ring in tax season in style with a $250,000 in-game refund for simply logging into GTA Online at any point from Feb 16th […]

Take A Minute To See 'What's My Age Again' Recreated in GTA V

Look, there's not much for me to add here. Youtuber icanteven has used Grand Theft Auto V's Director Mode to remake the Blink 182 pop-punk classic What's My Age Again. It's pretty great. Take a look: can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: GTA V – Blink 182 – What's My Age Again (

It Seems Single Player DLC For GTA V Has Taken The Backseat To GTA Online

Single player Grand Theft Auto V DLC has long been promised by Rockstar, but it has never quite come together. That surprises me as Rockstar knocked it out the park with The Ballad of Gay Tony for Grand Theft Auto IV and Undead Nightmare in Red Dead Redemption. Well, according to design director Imran Sarwar, no […]

Watch Mario Shoot His Way Through Los Santos In GTA V Video

There is something kind of awful about seeing mario with a hand gun. Like a perversion of childhood memories through a parascope of bleak realities, it just unsettling. Well, that is just what this video from YouTuber TheGuitarjammer (via VG247) does. You put Mario head and Kart mods on, and see the iconic character raise hell. This […]

The Console Version Of GTA V's Director Is Coming In September

Director's Mode in Grand Theft Auto V has thus far been exclusive to the PC version of the game. As promised though, the tool is coming to console. And it's soon too! In a new blog post, Rockstar revealed that the update is hitting new-gen consoles this September. There are even more additions coming to […]

This Grand Theft Auto V Car Crash Just Keeps Going And Going And Going

There is something to big pile up crashes in video games. What are tragic and horrific in real life are gleeful examples of mayhem in video games. Burnout practically made an entire franchise out this idea. And here is something for those who like their digital car carnage. This is a pile up from Grand […]

This Recreation Of GTA In Real Life Is Impressive

Grand Theft Auto has a very distinct look. The way the cameras move, the way the character's animate, the way cars control. They are all very telling of the GTA flavour. That is why I'm impressed with how well CorridorDigital recreated that feeling in this video showing GTA in real life. The camera work here […]

Modders Are Trying To Recreate Vice City In Grand Theft Auto V

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was one of those games that embeds itself to your brain. Even now, having not played it in well over a decade, I still remember key parts of that map. That is why I was shocked at how much I remembered while watching this video showing some talented modders who […]

Take A Look At This Sweet Mad Max Fan Movie Made In GTA

Just about everything is Mad Max crazy right now. That is pretty weird considering a lot of people didn't give a second thought to the franchise a few years ago. I really like this post-Fury Road world we live in. So here is a pretty neat little video in that vein. Youtuber La chaine de Toto has […]

Grand Theft Auto V Has Sold 52 Million Copies In Total

Yesterday I talked about how Grand Theft Auto V has sold 5 million physical copies in the UK alone. For anyone who dones't know about game sale averages, that's a lot, even internationally. However, it's really only a drop in the bucket when compred to the full numbers. During an earnings report, Take-Two announced that […]

Take-Two Can't Figure Out If Story DLC Is Coming To GTA V Or Not

Rockstar usually taken a while to add to their games with DLC, but when they do, it usually adds a lot of worthwhile content. From the Ballad of Gay Tony to Undead Nightmare, the studio has a good history with additional content. But GTA V has been out there for coming up on two years […]

This New Mod For Grand Theft Auto V Makes Planes Very Angry

You know that scene in North by North West where Cary Grant is chased by a Plane? Well, imagine that, but you are in a Monster Truck, there are thirty planes and some of them are shooting missiles at you. That comes close to the chaos on show in this new Grand Theft Auto V […]