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The one thing on every Xbox fanboy's wish list going into the Xbox E3 conference was Halo 6 While the name is different than expected, we do get to play as Master Chief again in a Halo game, so that's more than enough to pacify most fans of the franchise. We don't know a whole lot more about[...]
Halo: Fireteam Raven is Not Interfearing With Halo 6's Development
The thing about Twitter though, some people respond. Halo's community manager Brian Jarrard jumped into the fray and decided to take on the trolls giving the company grief over the game as they though it was getting in the way of them getting their hands on Halo 6 faster. PSA: Fireteam Raven has zero impact on the[...]
Halo 6 Probably Isn't Happening This Year
While it is clear they have a fair bit planned, it seems we can strike Halo 6 from our expectations for the next 12 months Probably In a rather vague sentence, the studios seemingly waved off expectations saying not 'those' adventures, which one would assume means the Halo mainline series It reads: 2018 has arrived and[...]
Halo 5
If you were one of the many gamers who watched Microsoft's Xbox E3 briefing and were shocked at the lack of Halo at the show, we have some bad news for you this morning. 343 Industries has confirmed the studio won't be discussing the next major installment in its sci-fi shooter series "for quite some time."[...]
Halo 5
According to O'Connor, Lee's role and Ayoub's are "Two different things." It appears that Lee will only head up the main FPS Halo titles, while whoever takes over for Ayoub will control the RTS and ancillary titles like Halo Wars 2. In related Halo news, 343 confirmed that Halo 6 won't be making it to E3 this year, but we[...]
You're Not Getting 'Halo 6' At E3
But it's true, you're not going to be seeing any previews of Halo 6 at E3 this year. A representative from 343 Studio hit up fans on Reddit this week to address the rumors that we'd at least see a trailer during the Microsoft presentation 343's community manager Brian Jarrard (Ske7ch) stated that "we'll have a little[...]
Halo 5
This one isn't a surprise, but developer 343 Industries have confirmed that they aren't bringing Halo 6 to E3 this year  In a post on reddit, 343 community manager Brian Jarrard (aka sk7ch343) decided to crush some fans' dreams for this year's electronic entertainment expo, saying that while the studio will have something at E3, it[...]