The Evil of Frankenstein / US Theatrical Trailer (1964)

"The Evil of Frankenstein" Blu-ray Coming in May From Scream Factory

The Evil of Frankenstein will see release on Blu-ray from Scream Factory on May 19th. Released by Hammer in 1964 and starring Peter Cushing, the disc will feature a ton of special features. Those will include three new featurettes, a new commentary with film historian Constantine Nsar, the tv version of the film, the pilot […]

So How Does Captain Marvel Wield Thor's Hammer Mjolnir Anyway? (#16 Spoilers)

So How Does Captain Marvel Wield Thor's Hammer Mjolnir Anyway? (#16 Spoilers)

Last week in Thor #4 we saw a new individual able to lift Mjolnir's hammer, Thor's step-brother Loki – though this may be as a result of taking over the helm of Odin, and mastering the magicks that enchanted the hammer in the first place. Today, as teased on the cover, Carol Danvers, Captain Marvel, […]

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Captain Marvel is Worthy to Lift Thor's Hammer, Mjolnir – Canon

The recent Captain Marvel comics have seen Carol Danvers as the Dark Avenger, in a bait-and-switch battle to the death with her fellow Avengers. But in March 2020, she looks like she will be taking that to another level, wearing one of Iron Man's gauntlet's, wielding Captain America's adamantium/vibranium alloy shield, and holding Thor's hammer, […]

Hammer House Of Horror Returns To Comics, From Titan, Announced At ComicsPRO

At ComicsPRO, Titan Comics – as well as announcing Warhammer 40,000 comics and Sherlock manga, also announced a line of comics using the Hammer Films brand. Known for classic British horror films, not all of them starring Peter Cushing, including the likes of The Quatermass Experiment, The Curse of Frankenstein, The Devil Rides Out and Dracula.  And more […]

"Prima Nocta" And That Mid-Credit Frown In The Avengers: Age Of Ultron Movie

Consider this a sequel to one of the most popular posts on Bleeding Cool, "Mewling Quim" And That Mid-Credit Smile In The Avengers Movie. Well, in the Avengers: Age Of Ultron the sexual language of concern revolved around Tony Stark, his ability to lift Thor's hammer and his statement that, if he could wield the […]

So Hang On… What Was Thor Doing With His Hammer In Original Sin #8?

Something to fix for the now-$75 Original Sin hardcover? From the final issue 8…. Hang on, who is that bottom left? Thor? I thought he was still elsewhere, struggling to lift his hammer. Maybe he took a break. He didn't seem to be in the main battle, maybe he was behind a Mindless One. But […]

The Return Of Kelley Jones' Hammer

Kelley Jones posted the above art to Facebook with the line, Here he is, for Richard Pachter, there will be a little news soon for the big guy. Hammer was a comics series that Dark Horse published in the late nineties and he hasn't been since. Looks like that won't remain the case for long. […]

A Monster Of A Secret Avengers

Rick Remender tweets; If this doesn't make you crazy excited for what is coming up in SECRET AVENGERS nothing will With Frankencastle, Vampire Wolverine, the Werewolf Captain America from Man And Wolf, an Egyptian mummified Thor, a horned devilish Daredevil, an insectoid Spider-Man, an actual Hawk of a Hawkeye we appear to have a host […]

More Details On The Woman In Black Sequel, Angels Of Death

Jane Goldman last week let slip that Hammer are in development on a spin-off from The Woman in Black, and now details are getting shaded in as to what this will actually entail. Angels of Death is to be set 40 years after the original story, so presumably after the second World War, perhaps as […]

Hammer's Next Horror: The Quiet Ones, From John Pogue – UPDATED TWICE

Coming over the next 24 hours, an awful lot of coverage of The Woman In Black, with a masterclass in creeping out the audience from Jane Goldman, James Watkins and Susan Hill; and a chat with Hammer CEO Simon Oakes about the company's position in the horror market, their respect for the past and plans […]

A Longer Trailer For The Resident Gives Us More Hammer Horror

Following up on a previous post, I wanted to share this longer trailer for Hammer Film's The Resident with Hilary Swank and Christopher Lee. Icon Films have issued the following blurb for the film: Every year, several million single women in America move into an apartment. They don't know who lived in the apartment before […]

Teaser Art And Leaked Trailer For Hammer's Next Horror, The Resident

In March, Hammer's The Resident will be released straight to DVD in the US. After the really quite disappointing box office performance of Let Me In, I can only have doubts about the rejuvenated horror label's future in the US. In the UK, however, where the very notion of Hammer Horror carries more cultural weight […]

Woman In Black Promoted With On-Set Video And New Images Of Daniel Radcliffe

Daniel Radcliffe spoke to ITN on the set of James Watkin's The Woman in Black about the film, his character, and Hammer's exciting return to scene with a slate of exciting new horror projects Harry Potter. What an albatross. Meanwhile, Hammer have issued a pair of official promotional pictures for the film, each featuring Daniel Radcliffe… […]