The Return Of Kelley Jones' Hammer


Kelley Jones posted the above art to Facebook with the line,

Here he is, for Richard Pachter, there will be a little news soon for the big guy.

Hammer was a comics series that Dark Horse published in the late nineties and he hasn't been since. Looks like that won't remain the case for long.

Lovecraftian superhero book, Hammer saw a gate opened by a bunch of students in the seventies releasing the Great Old Ones. Twenty years later Professor Wilcox has taken an alien that bonded to a Ostrogoth general, recently untombed, to digt the Old Ones – and cure his cancer. He is transformed into a mighty warrior… who eats junk food, each type bringing forth new abilities.

He's been gone for a decade-and-a-half. And now he's coming back… somewhere, somehow.



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