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Rock Band 4 Multiplayer Is Coming But You'll Have To Pay For It In An Expansion It Seems
Online multiplayer has long been missing from Rock Band 4, being a hugely requested feature from fans as you can imagine. And it's finally coming later this year as confirmed by Harmonix in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=31&v=JcnN5rRteBsVideo can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Rock Band 4 – Synchronous Online Multiplayer Trailer | PS4 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=31&v=JcnN5rRteBs) However, there is a[...]
Rock Band 4 On PC Failed To Get Crowd Funded
The port of the game had followed the franchise around for a long time, and alas, Rock Band responded by trying to crowd fund the port on PC to the tune of 1.5 Million on crowd funding site Fig. Sadly, the campaign failed to materialize as Harmonix would have liked it seems The campaign has now[...]
Rock Band 4 To Add Psychonauts Costumes
In a Tweet, Harmonix revealed that Raz's flying helmet will be free in the Rock Shop There is also a t-shirt to go along with it. Coming in the #RockBand4 Jan update: this awesome Psychonauts helmet, free in the Rock Shop Thanks to @DoubleFine! pic.twitter.com/W2iXHprVeo — Rock Band (@RockBand) January 15, 2016 This is super cute[...]
Rock Band VR Is Coming To The Oculus Rift
Although, I don't think many people would have guessed that the technology developer would be teaming up with Harmonix to make Rock Band VR. It was all announced with this little skit which shows the dev team, including Palmer Luckey training to be rockstars with DragonForce It also showed a tiny bit of footage of what[...]
Ampiltude Trailer Announces January Launch Date
The game, despite coming from Rock Band developer Harmonix, went through crowdfunding just barely making it's goal, but in the end its succes saw the revitalisation of a long lost series. Well, the game's journey is nearly over as this new trailer has hit and it confirms a January 5th release date on PSN This game[...]
The SML Podcast – Talking With Four Members Of Rock Band's Harmonix!
By Joe Cammisa [audio: http://joecam.net/SML/SML-e139.mp3] Monday night is here and it's time for The SML Podcast – Episode 139: Sawrmonix here on Bleeding Cool! Last week may not have had an interview, but this week is jam packed as we have FOUR members of Harmonix joining the show! This week Kris is on a date and Pappy's got BootySplash, so[...]
Rock Band 4 Gets An Electrifying Launch Trailer
Everything here will look instantly familiar, and I think that is what Harmonix is hoping for. Take a look: https://youtu.be/uzLgoxJQXCEVideo can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Rock Band 4 "Electric" Trailer (https://youtu.be/uzLgoxJQXCE) While I'm sure there will be groups of young 'uns who meet up and play in their garage, I think the more likely scenario will[...]
Rock Band 4 Adds The Cure, Judas Priest, Foo Fighters And More To Set List
Here is a video announcing just a few of the songs Harmonix have put out there today. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9IBvmwxSDUVideo can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Rock Band 4: Setlist Reveal – 7/13 (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=q9IBvmwxSDU) The complete list of new songs from today's annoucements reads like this: Aerosmith – "Toys in the Attic" The Cure – "Friday I'm In Love" Dream Theater[...]
Updated: Rock Band 4 Not Coming To PC Partially Because Of Piracy Concerns
What with it being able to use all your Rock Band 3 DLC and old instruments in this revival, Harmonix are really bending over backwards to please fans here. There is one community that won't be feeling the love though PC users Harmonix have decided to miss the platform and in an interview with Eurogamer, project[...]
Your Old Instruments Will Work With Rock Band 4
As if the fact that you can import all your previous Rock Band 3 DLC into Rock Band 4 wasn't enough, Harmonix have to pulled another huge feature out of the bag. Despite being Next Gen only, Rock Band 4 will be compatible with older instruments from the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 days IGN report[...]
Take A Look At The First Confirmed Tracks For Rock Band 4
Harmonix revealed to IGN the first six songs available in the game, showing off a preference for… well, rock songs Those songs are: Avenged Sevenfold – "Hail to the King" Fleetwood Mac – "You Make Loving Fun" Jack White – "Lazaretto" The Killers – "Somebody Told Me" Spin Doctors – "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong" The Who – "The Seeker" That is[...]
So What Actually Goes Into Making A Rock Band Song?
Harmonix are hard at work bringing back their flagship series with Rock Band 4, set to launch later this year The game will let you play with all of your Rock Band 3 DLC, on top of adding new songs to the mix That means you could potentially be starting the game with hundreds of songs ready[...]
Harmonix Say Your Old Guitar Hero Controllers Will Be Usable In Rock Band 4
That makes Harmonix's new Rock Band and inticing offer. However, the developer really seems to be bending over backwards to please everyone In an interview with Business Insider UK, Rock Band 4 project director Daniel Sussman, said that you may well be able to use your old Guitar Hero controllers too. We're planning to support everything that we[...]