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Crime Smashers #5 (Trojan, 1951) featuring Wally Wood art.
Trojan Publishing was originally formed by Harry Donenfeld to publish The Lone Ranger Magazine in 1937.  Donenfeld, best remembered for becoming a co-owner of DC Comics, had his hand in a number of other comic book publishers throughout the 1940s and early 1950s.  The publisher eventually came to publish a variety of pulps and other magazines and entered[...]
Thrilling Adventures in Stamps #8 (Stamp Comics, 1953) Condition: FN-
Youthful Publications was part of a constellation of publishing companies with loose connections to DC Comics founder Harry Donenfeld One principle of the company, William Friedman, had acted as Donenfeld's lawyer on numerous occasions, while another, Adrian Lopez, had previously co-founded a magazine publisher with Donenfeld.  With publications that included adult satire, cheesecake magazines, and[...]
Strange Adventures #2, the Promise Collection, DC Comics 1950.
Gaines, had been touting the effectiveness of comic books to educate for years by 1950, which brings us to one of my favorite little-known comic book moments of the early 1950s — that time that DC Comics publisher Harry Donenfeld announced that he was going to consult his old acquaintance Albert Einstein about the science[...]
All-American Part 1: The Organized Crime Origins of DC Comics
He got it, after which he announced his retirement. Harry Donenfeld associate Benny Fein, courtesy the NYPD. All-American, All in the Family Neither of these versions quite track with the reality of the historic timeline.  Announced in the December, 1944 issue of Independent News, the distribution trade journal from the distributor of the same name, the All-American re-branding[...]
1940's Superman Day At The World's Fair Color Footage
The man on the elephant is DC comics owner/publisher Harry Donenfeld (1:05), later (2:05) the man on the left with the hat, smoking is key comic industry founder Max Gaines and the man on the right in the blue suit is Jack Liebowitz, DC accountant/manager and the man who cut the $130 Superman check And[...]