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Mike Colter And Finn Jones Roundtable Interview: The Greatest Bromance In The Making
Walker and Sanford Greene's recent Power Man and Iron Fist series for some team-up greatness with these two. There of course is the classic Luke Cage and Iron Fist: Heroes for Hire series. The Immortal Iron Fist from 2006 has Luke in it quite a bit, too. Brian Michael Bendis' post-Siege New Avengers work has a lot of good moments with the two of them too. Bendis' new Defenders work is[...]
Luke Cage and Iron Fist are a legendary pair in the comics known as the Heroes for Hire However, Luke Cage and Danny Rand might exist in the same universe now but they haven't met yet but they will this August in Marvel's The Defenders We got to see them interact a little in the[...]