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Alan Moore Comes To Leeds To Show Off His Show Pieces
Thought Bubble, Britain's biggest comics art festival, runs from the 9th to the 16th of November in Leeds But the Leeds International Film Festival runs from the 5th to the 20th of November. And where they intersect, that's where Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins will be showing off Show Pieces, three of their short The Show films[...]
Talking To Khandie Khisses About Alan Moore And Mitch Jenkins' Show Pieces
We bumped into each other at the Kickstarter premiere. Rich Johnston: His Heavy Heart reveals that your role in The Show is that of a goddess Is that something you were aware of Jimmy's End? How did you change the way you addressed your role between the films? Khandie Khisses: During the whole Jimmy's End experience I[...]
EXCLUSIVE: The Trailer For Alan Moore And Mitch Jenkins' His Heavy Heart
It's the final, Kickstarter-funded, film in Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins' series of short films, collectively known as Show Pieces, that will lead to further appearances of this alternate Northampton, known as The Show. Here is your first look at His Heavy Heart, starring Darrel D'Silva, Andrew Buckley and Khandie Khisses, for the readers of Bleeding Cool[...]
Alan Moore Talks About His Planned Feature Film, The Show
[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=imbC9E_xlFM[/youtube] Alan Moore talks about the Jimmy's End movies, and how His Heavy Heart will bridge the gap between the initial short films and his planned feature film, The Show And how there are many more worlds to, well, show The parallel Northampton and the characters who live in it… His Heavy Heart has just over eleven[...]
This Is What A Storyboard Drawn By Alan Moore Looks Like
This is from the Jimmy's End storyboard, eighty panels as originally drawn by Alan Moore in 2010, and only available in the Jimmy's End's screenplay book, available signed and numbered only as part of the £150 donor reward for the His Heavy Heart kickstarter One for true Alan Moore collectors, there…. This is from the[...]
Darrell D'Silva On Working With Alan Moore And Mitch Jenkins Again
Darrell D'Silva is in rehearsals right now… but looking forward to working on His Heavy Heart, the final film in Alan Moore and Mitch Jenkins' set of five films that make up Jimmy's End. And you can be a part of it… [youtube]Http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JG9aoaz7Ttc[/youtube]     [...]