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Ho Che Anderson Says That Luke Cage Is Cancelled
Originally solicited for October, then delayed to December, Luke Cage: City On Fire by Ho Che Anderson and Farid Karami has been cancelled, for now, by Marvel Comics Ho Che Anderson posted the news to Instagram. MAN PLANS, GOD LAUGHS: No easy way to say this I got the word Luke Cage got cancelled this morning,[...]
Ho Che Anderson's First Marvel Comic, Luke Cage, in October
Ho Che Anderson is the comic book creator behind the critically acclaimed, award-winning, and bestselling graphic novel King: A Comics Biography of Martin Luther King, Jr, and is now writing his very first Marvel comic book, the new Luke Cage: City Of Fire comic book starting in October And now to be added to our[...]
Ho Che Anderson
Ho Che Anderson, creator of the award-winning graphic novel King, as well as Sand & Fury, Godhead and The No-Boys Club, has written the neo-noir revenge novella Rizzo, the latest book in the Stone universe from NeoText, out now Benjamin Marra is illustrating the project and Bleeding Cool has a look at his artwork[...]
Jim Mahfood Draws Sorcerers For New Publisher, Neotext
And we have just an example of that from Mahfood right here. In the months ahead, NeoText will publish from the likes of Ho Che Anderson, Ray Banks, David Birke, Maurice Broaddus, Brendan C Byrne, Ashley Christine, Max Allan Collins, Howard Chaykin, Fay Dalton, Sonny Day, Ryan DeMita, Charles Forsman, Alan Glynn, Henry Jones, Mad Dog[...]