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Kevin Smith has 'Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker' Religion Thoughts…

Leave it to Kevin Smith to make the declaration that the next Star Wars film may possibly dive into "hokey religions" based on the title- Rise of the Skywalker. The filmmaker and resident fanboy tackled the topic on the most recent episode of his Hollywood Babble On podcast with co-host Ralph Garman. While speaking about the trailer and title […]

Kevin Smith

Kevin Smith Will Donate All TWC Residuals To 'Women In Film' Non Profit

Several of Smith's most notable movies were produced through TWC, and have made no small amount of money in their time.During the most recent episode of his Hollywood Babble-On podcast, Smith related his plan to donate all of his future residuals from Weinstein-connected projects to Women In Film, a non-profit organization advocating for progress and[...]