Sam & Twitch's Star Wars Episode By Kevin Smith Is Probably Not What You Think It Would Be…

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In the latest episode of Hollywood Babble-On (Episode #276, recorded on 4/28/2017), Director, Writer, and Geek Sage Kevin Smith shocked absolutely no one by admitting out loud that he has a lot of plates spinning. The podcast, which he co-hosts with comedian, actor, and radio host Ralph Garman, segued into a quick update of some of those plates, including the status of the Sam & Twitch TV show he is working on.  During their Email Bag segment the two discussed a past segment from two episodes previous:

Ralph Garman: "My plan was to buy Marilyn Monroe's bra (from an auction), scrape a little of the DNA off the inside of it and then clone her in my lab and make myself my own Marilyn Monroe … because I have a crush on her."

Kevin Smith: "My point was that it wouldn't be Marilyn Monroe it would be a soulless mindless monster who would be like 'BWWWAAAAA' the whole time …"

Garman: "… and ate babies for some reason…"

Smith: "Indeed, babies and shit, but I was like why don't you take it one step further and shit, because (Ralph) was saying they were selling Daniel Craig's clothes so you could like take Daniel Craig's DNA, make a Daniel Craig and make them fight each other in an underground celebrity fight club."


That's all good and well, but what does it have to do with the series you might ask? Smith was encouraged on Twitter run with the idea, and he has decided to do just that. He's included it in the Episode 3 outline he has written for the the planned BBC America series. The titular characters of Sam & Twitch are based on characters from Todd McFarlane's Spawn.  Smith elaborated that he has finished writing the pilot for the show and has been working on the bible for the show and the proposed another seven episodes for season 1.  The "cloned celebrity fight club" idea will be encountered by the "the two cops who deal with the supernatural" Sam & Twitch in episode 3 titled "Star Wars", since the cloned bodies will be soulless and can be possessed by demons.

However, due to copyright and legal issues the episode will feature old time celebrities like "Alfalfa versus Fatty Arbuckle". Bringing the idea back to the podcast, Smith informed Garman that when the episode is done there is no one he'd rather play the mad German scientist, Hans Grubberstein,  then Garman himself (in a somewhat similar role to Garman's performance in Kevin Smith's last movie Yoga Hosers).

No production updates or casting has taken place yet for the series as Smith is only now finishing up the writing of the bible for the series, and is busy preparing his next movie Jay & Silent Bob Reboot, but this is the first major update for the series since we originally announced it back in February of this year.

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