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Sunshine Mannor Reveals The PC Release Date
Just in time for Halloween, Hound Picked Games announced today that they will be releasing Sunshine Manor in just a couple of weeks This is a fun little horror mystery title that serves as a bit of a prequel to the 2016 game Camp Sunshine You play Ada, who has been dared to spend the[...]
Double Kick Heroes Gets A Switch Physical Edition & Triple Vinyl
Headbang Club and Hound Picked Games revealed this past week that they will be releasing a couple of new items for Double Kick Heroes The first of the two is that there will be a physical edition made for the Nintendo Switch, limited to 900 standard edition versions and 1900 Steelbook edition, being created by[...]
Battle Princess Madelyn is Getting an Arcade Mode
However, what we've seen of the game so far has us pretty confident that Casual Bit and Hound Picked Games will manage to pull it off I could just be biased based on the name, though. Battle Princess Madelyn will be available for Xbox One, PlayStation4, PS Vita, Nintendo Switch, Nintendo Wii U, and PC when it[...]
Trailer: Check Out Some New Battle Princess Madelyn Gameplay
Developer Casual Bit Games has released a new trailer that will give players insight into the gameplay of Battle Princess Madelyn. Specifically, the trailer shows us much of the game's first level, which introduces us to the single player story and Ghouls 'n Ghosts style action combat.