Sunshine Manor Will Come Out On PC In Late October

Just in time for Halloween, Hound Picked Games announced today that they will be releasing Sunshine Manor in just a couple of weeks. This is a fun little horror mystery title that serves as a bit of a prequel to the 2016 game Camp Sunshine. You play Ada, who has been dared to spend the night in a haunted mansion, where you'll encounter all sorts of creatures and spirits while also attempting to unravel a mystery and avoid becoming the next permanent resident of the home. Everything about this looks amazing and we're happy they've returned to the pixel art of the first title with a bunch of new mechanics and improvements. You can get your horror on soon when the game is released on October 28th via Steam, while the console versions will be coming in 2022.

Sunshine Mannor Reveals The PC Release Date
Credit: Hound Picked Games

In Sunshine Manor, players adopt the role of Ada McReady who, unfortunately and against her will, gets trapped in Sunshine Manor whilst out trick or treating. It is not a place where most folks would want to be. Its long dark corridors dripping with cobwebs, creaking floorboards and unwelcoming atmosphere hang heavy. Ada has only one recourse, to get the 'hell' out of this nightmare as fast as possible!.

As Ada tentatively explores the Manor, you'll meet ghosts, battle demons (some more friendly than others) and attempt to stop whatever is happening in the old Aitken house. As always with good versus evil, Ada has plenty of her own tricks to even things up with psychic powers that can banish demons for good! Sunshine Manor offers twists, turns, blood, mystery and lots more once the door slams behind you. Uncover the mystery and history, all whilst trying to avoid being taken by The Shadow Man – who just happens to be watching your EVERY move.

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