Finally, Another Empyre Tie-In as Lords of Empyre: Emporer Hulkling Hits Stores in April

Finally, Another Empyre Tie-In as Lords of Empyre: Emperor Hulkling Hits Stores in April

A lot of Marvel readers have been complaining that the upcoming super-mega-crossover event, A4: Empyre with a Y sounds pretty cool and all that, but it just doesn't have enough tie-ins and spinoff mini-series to completely drain your wallet. Well, Marvel has heard your complaints, true believers, and answered with yet another tie-in: A4: Empyre […]

Mayor of Rio de Janeiro Orders Recall of Avengers: The Children's Crusade for Gay Kiss

Avengers: Children's Crusade Sells Out After Rio Mayor Orders Recall for Gay Kiss

The Amazon Rainforests may be burning at a record rate, but the mayor of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Marcelo Crivella, appears more concerned about the burning passions of fictional teenage superheroes. In a video message posted to Twitter Thursday, Crivella ordered the organizers of the 19th International Book Biennial of Rio de Janeiro to collect […]

Wiccan and Hulkling Return in Death's Head #1 [Preview]

Wiccan and Hulkling Return in Death's Head #1 [Preview]

Death's Head #1 launches next week, a 4-issue mini-series bringing back the classic British comics bounty hunter. But Death's Head isn't the only one returning in this series, which opens with the titular robot showing that he is a very particular music critic. But there are some other attendees at the concert, conveniently taking a […]

Tales from the Four Color Closet: A Rising Tide?

Hello again! Been a while since I did a Tales from the Four Color Closet piece, looking at the state of LGBTQ+ representation in comics and related media. I've been a little busy with more general reporting for the site, working on my own books, and looking for new artists. But I was drawn to […]

Hero For A Day – The Lament Of A First Time Cosplayer At New York Comic Con

By Timothy Carson I've always had this dream that I'd someday be surrounded by a horde of adoring fans, clawing and pushing one another to simply bask in my presence. They'd hang on every word, laugh at all my jokes, and practically faint at the sight of my dashing, debonair smile. Then reality set in. […]

Tales from the Four-Color Closet – LGBTQ Young Avengers

By Joe Glass Well, it's finally over. Tumblr is in tears, critics are applauding, and fans all over kinda wish it wasn't so. The critically acclaimed and fan-favourite run on Young Avengers by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie et al. is finished, with a wonderful, heartfelt and fun farewell to a team they've been working […]