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The Walking Dead S11E03 Review: Our Survivors Find Themselves "Hunted"
Was "Hunted" able to keep the momentum rolling from the two-part premiere as the series inches closer towards its finale? We're throwing on the "MAJOR SPOILERS AHEAD!" sign and posting an image spoiler buffer before we get to that, and we'll meet you on the other side to share our thoughts. The Walking Dead _ Season[...]
The Walking Dead S11 "Hunted": 21 Thoughts That Are 106% Spoiler-Free
So that was an overview of what "Hunted" has to offer, and now we get to the fun stuff. Photo Credit: Josh Stringer/AMC Okay, so here's the deal Our spoiler-filled review will be hitting the site immediately after it airs on AMC on Sunday night, but just to have a little fun? We kept notes as we[...]
Shudder Acquires Mary Shelley Drama Film A Nightmare Wakes
Starting with this weeks debut of Hunted, it will be followed by originals and selections from film festivals like Hunted, The Queen of Black Magic, A Nightmare Wakes, After Midnight, Shook, The Dark & the Wicked, Lucky, Stay Out of the F**king Attic, Slaxx, Koko-di Koko-da, and Violation. You can see the full synopsis of each[...]
The Vulture Rewrites Marvel History in Amazing Spider-Man #19 (Spoilers)
But now, in Amazing Spider-Man #19, continuing the Hunted storyline, The Vulture becomes the first comic book character to make a retcon himself! Of course, it's not a long-past story that Vulture is changing here, but one that happened just last issue, when Vulture used The Gibbon as a human… er, simian shield, tossing him in[...]
The D-List Body Count of Hunted in Amazing Spider-Man #19
Hunted is a big story for Amazing Spider-Man, and with an extra issue added plus all the supplementary  .HU issues, it keeps getting bigger And we all know that you can't have a big story without some shocking character deaths Thankfully, Spider-Man has a large enough rogues gallery that you could kill off dozens of[...]
Sympathy for The Gibbon in Next Week's Amazing Spider-Man 18.HU
The primary purpose of the Hunted storyline in Amazing Spider-Man is to make Marvel a boatload of cash by pumping out upwards of 25 Spider-Man comics in a single month, but a side effect of the storyline is that it may be turning some of Spider-Man's villains into sympathetic characters Just look at the preview[...]
9 Issues Not Enough as Amazing Spider-Man's Hunted Story Expands 1 Issue
For Hunted, billed as Amazing Spider-Man's biggest story of the year, Marvel originally planned to publish 9 issues, starting in March That's six regular issues, and three special .HU issues because shipping less than three Amazing Spider-Man books per months would clearly be madness. Here's what's coming out this month: AMAZING SPIDER-MAN #17 NICK SPENCER (W) • HUMBERTO[...]
Marvel Plans More Numbering Shenanigans with Amazing Spider-Man #16.HU in March
That month kicks off the Hunted storyline in Amazing Spider-Man #17, which sees Kraven the Hunter return for what Marvel is billing as a "huge" storyline. So huge, in fact, that it cannot be contained in a single ongoing title That's right, in addition to Amazing Spider-Man #17 and #18, March will also see the release[...]
Hunted, Spoilers And Boris Bikes
Oops, this one fell through the cracks a little… Frank Spotnitz, and Adam Rayner were talking up the new BBC/HBO TV action series Hunted at MCM London Expo, and showing off the first five minutes of next week's episode Including how they get past last week's rather explosive cliffhanger… and it does indeed involve a little[...]