The D-List Body Count of Hunted in Amazing Spider-Man #19

Hunted is a big story for Amazing Spider-Man, and with an extra issue added plus all the supplementary  .HU issues, it keeps getting bigger. And we all know that you can't have a big story without some shocking character deaths. Thankfully, Spider-Man has a large enough rogues gallery that you could kill off dozens of them and it would hardly make a dent.

That seems to be what Marvel is doing, as we saw The Gibbon killed last issue after being used as a human shield by The Vulture…

The D-List Body Count of Hunted in Amazing Spider-Man #19

And in this preview of Amazing Spider-Man #19, Spidey can't even count all the animal-themed villains who have been killed by Kraven's customers under the dome.

The D-List Body Count of Hunted in Amazing Spider-Man #19

Gazelle?! Not Gazelle! Wait, who's Gazelle again?

Meanwhile, Kraven's son, Kraven Jr. (we're guessing that's his name and not planning to fact-check it), begs Kraven to stop letting rich 1%ers take all the glory and go in there and kill off some characters for himself. But Kraven tells him… not yet.

The D-List Body Count of Hunted in Amazing Spider-Man #19

Perhaps Kraven is waiting until there are only C and B list villains left before he joins the fray?

Amazing Spider-Man #19 hits stores on Wednesday.

Amazing Spider-Man #19
(W) Nick Spencer (A) Gerardo Sandoval (CA) Humberto Ramos
• Something horrible happened last issue that's galvanized all the villains!
• Spidey desperately needs to get out of this horrible situation, but there are lives (innocent and otherwise) at stake and…well…he's Spider-Man.
Rated T
In Shops: Apr 10, 2019
SRP: $3.99

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