Sympathy for The Gibbon in This Week's Amazing Spider-Man #18.HU

The primary purpose of the Hunted storyline in Amazing Spider-Man is to make Marvel a boatload of cash by pumping out upwards of 25 Spider-Man comics in a single month, but a side effect of the storyline is that it may be turning some of Spider-Man's villains into sympathetic characters. Just look at the preview for this week's Amazing Spider-Man #18.HU, one of the spinoff issues that couldn't fit in the regular-numbered issues of the storyline. In the preview, we get a flashback to the lovable loser's childhood, where his simian appearance caused The Gibbon to be the victim of school bullies…

Sympathy for The Gibbon in Next Week's Amazing Spider-Man 18.HU

But Gibbon's torture didn't end there. Now, thanks to the diabolical plans of Kraven the Hunter, the Gibbon is being hunted for sport by 1%ers.

Sympathy for The Gibbon in Next Week's Amazing Spider-Man 18.HU

Well, we do have to admit that a stuffed super-villain hanging above your mantle would make for a good conversation starter.

Amazing Spider-Man #18.HU hits stores next Wednesday. Will The Gibbon make it out alive?

Amazing Spider-Man #18.HU
(W) Nick Spencer (A) Ken Lashley (CA) Greg Land
• Spider-Man's most dangerous villain, THE GIBBON, is back and –
• He's not Spidey's most feared foe? Then why are we? You want me to read the script?
• Oh man. That's insane.
Rated T
In Shops: Apr 03, 2019
SRP: $3.99

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