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Giveaway: 50 Codes For Hunters Arena: Legends On Steam

Giveaway: 50 Codes For Hunter's Arena: Legends On Steam

Enjoy snagging a code to play the game![caption id="attachment_1228426" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Do you have what it takes to become champion? Courtesy of Mantisco.[/caption] Hunter's Arena: Legends combines elements from various genres such as RPG, MOBA and many others, creating strategical yet action-packed gameplay All of this provides a unique Battle Royale experience that will surprise you[...]

Hunters Arena: Legends Receives A New Gameplay Trailer

"Hunter's Arena: Legends" Receives A New Gameplay Trailer

Mantisco has released a brand new trailer for Hunter's Arena: Legends, showing off more of the gameplay you'll be experiencing in the MMO. he game itself mixes genres together as you get battle royale, MOBA, and Action RPG elements into a unique blend. If that sounds like your jam, the devs will be doing signups […]