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Hyperkin To Release Modern Version Of Xbox 360 Controller
Hyperkin will be releasing a classic controller for Xbox 360 fans as they will be creating a modern version called The Xenon The company already has a fine reputation for bringing back old-school hardware for players who desperately want the feeling of the classics rather than trying to play their old favorites on a modern[...]
hyperkin original xbox controller
As we previously mentioned, Hyperkin is releasing their version of the original Xbox controller known to many as "The Duke", complete with the original button scheme and dome in the middle Now the dream is a reality as GameStop will be the first place you can look to for a pre-order as they have officially listed[...]
hyperkin original xbox controller
Well, those who miss The Duke, good news for you, as Hyperkin has announced they're making a modern version for the Xbox One The news was revealed by Seamus Blackley on Twitter today. THE NEW DUKE CONTROLLER is available at the END OF MARCH for $69.99 And what a wonderful moment! Thanks @XboxP3 Thanks @Hyperkin!!! pic.twitter.com/KB9C6BYxCe —[...]
A Hyperkin Employee Leaked a Portable N64 Prototype
Originally posted by Nintendo Life, an employee of Hyperkin just leaked a cool little device that I'm sure a lot of '90s kids would like to get their hands on Below are a couple photos an employee of the company showed off on his Facebook page of a prototype model of a portable N64 controller/console[...]
The SmartBoy Smart-Phone Gameboy Hybrid Is Coming To Europe
PQube, in partnership with Hyperkin, a video game hardware development company from Los Angeles, has announced it will be releasing the SmartBoy through the Samsung Mobile Accessory Partnership Program (SMAPP) to the European Market The hardware kit is essentially a smart-phone accessory that'll turn your lame Samsung into a classic Gameboy. The SmartBoy was originally started[...]