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The Outer Worlds – Official Announcement Trailer

The Outer Worlds by Obsidian Trailer Debut

Hey! Do you like spaceships? How about giant monsters and laser guns? What? You only like trailers with Iggy Pop music? Well, strap yourself down, Sally! Obsidian just debuted the trailer for their brand-new space shoot-em-up, the Outer Worlds! Check out the trailer:

Hear William Shatner, Iggy Pop Duet (Yes, Really) on "Silent Night"

File this under "fever dreams David Bowie may have had at some point", but the Godfather of punk Iggy Pop has done a duet with William Shatner, on a Christmas album. Shatner is no stranger to interesting collaborations on his albums, but this one is just strange enough to be perfect.  This'll be his first Christmas release, and […]

Never Mind The Mutants

  See, now this is "transformative". Work from James Zark, dubbed Never Mind The Mutants, taking images of pop stars and transforming them into X-Men and selling them for $15 and up, Debbie Harry into Phoenix, Iggy Pop into Angel, Johnny Rotten as Iceman, Glenn Danzig as Wolverine, Ian Curtis as Cyclops and Henry Rollins […]

Exclusive Clip From Suck

Do not mistake Suck for Vampires Suck. I repeat: DO NOT MISTAKE SUCK FOR VAMPIRES SUCK. They really are not at all the same thing. At all. Here's a world-exclusive clip from Suck, just to hammer home the difference. You can tell this is some kind of fantasy film because they walk right up to […]