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Wuxia Graphic Novel, Assassin G by Jen Troy & He Tao, Gets A Trailer
Later this month Immortal Studios is launching their latest Kickstarter campaign for their latest Immortaverse series, Assassin G by Jen Troy, a writer for the CW's Supergirl and artist He Tao, featuring coloring by Hi-Fi Design and lettering by AndWorld Design "With her mastery of the Vermillion Pavilion's signature fight moves such as Chiral Light[...]
Dynamite & Immortal Studios
Dynamite Entertainment and Immortal Studios are two comic book publishers that have got in bed together, to allow Dynamite to publish and distribute their graphic novels for the comics market While other companies and contracting, firing and shrinking, others are finding new ways to work together Dynamite is Nick Barrucci's longstanding New Jersey publisher of[...]
Captain America – The Immortal?
From today's Captain America, now returned from other dimensional travels to the present day. Damn fine issue, one of Rick Remender's best, with a rather chilling and moving ending (I hope the United States flag isn't in the pile at the end)… but also, we get confirmation that the Super Soldier serum, as well as preserving[...]