Indonesia Coming To Sid Meiers Civilization VI As DLC

Indonesia Coming To 'Sid Meier's Civilization VI' As DLC

You're going to be getting a brand new DLC expansion to Civilization VI as 2K Games has announced Indonesia will be added to the game as a country to do business with, led by Dyah Gitarja That's a pretty cool addition that we're surprised hadn't been added before, but now that it's being thrown into the[...]

Best of HBO International Showcases Six Series for U.S. Audiences

'Best of HBO International" Showcases Six Series for U.S. Audiences

This ruins his career, family relations, and entraps him in a following mystery. From HBO Asia: Taiwan’s The Teenage Psychic; and fantasy drama Halfworlds from Indonesia and Thailand: Xiao Zhen is a 16-year-old teenager with psychic abilities Although she is told that it is her destiny, Xiao Zhen does not believe her powers truly help others and[...]