Groot #1 Variant Only For 'Convention Kick-Off' Stores

In March, a number of stores ran streaming videos from a bunch of publishers, showing off upcoming comic books, and interacting live with customers across the USA. And Bleeding Cool was on hand to cover it all. Well, they are doing it all again, next year on March 5th 2016. Put it in your 2016 calendars […]

That Was The In-Store Comic Convention Kick Off That Was

There were a few teething problems. It is the internet after all.  But for the first live in-store comic con was star studded and full of comics, creators, executives and streamed to 36 comic book stores, they did pretty well. A family emergency saw me miss the Valiant presentation, but as Marvel arrived, so did I. […]

The Return Of Barb Wire?

She was once one of Dark Horse's early superhero comic book character Barb Wire and she headed up their superhero line, Comics Greatest World. Then she was turned into a movie, starring Pamela Anderson, which turned the character for many into a joke. Pamala couldn't even win the Razzie Award for Worst Actress, losing to Demi […]

Dark Horse's Resident Alien Comic To Be A TV Series?

At the Instore Comic Convention Kickoff, live streaming to thirty-six comic stores, saw Dark Horse's Randy Stradley asked about the future of the Dark Horse comic book series Resident Alien. He said, to the nervous laughter of some of his fellow employees at the publisher, and saying he was not sure whether he was allowed […]

Dan DiDio Just Answered My Questions On Prez, Doomed, Mystic U And Section 8

So I write this recently. About how there were four books from the June mini-relaunch that I was really excited about, but seemed not to be lighting the fanbase on fire. Prez, Doomed, Mystic U and Section 8. So, since I was watching the InStore Comic Convention Kickoff, and Dan DiDio was on the screen, […]

Brian Bendis On The Ultimate Universe – "It Ain't Over Yet"

It was the In-Store Comic Convention Kick off Marvel panel streaming live in thirty-six comic stores across the USA – but where was guest Brian Bendis? @NeptuneComics @InStoreKickOff @Marvel not until 1pm. — BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS (@BRIANMBENDIS) March 7, 2015 @NeptuneComics @InStoreKickOff @Marvel done as in over? — BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS (@BRIANMBENDIS) March 7, 2015 […]

The First Look At Gabriel Rodriguez' New Comic For IDW

To be announced in Emerald City, with a preview out in May, and the book published for July. The new IDW comic book by Gabriel Rodriguez, the artist of Locke & Key, to be written by IDW's publisher Chris Ryall. This is all we have been teased. Check out more of our In-Store Comic Convention Kickoff coverage right […]

IDW Announces Mike Zeck's Classic Marvel Stories Artist's Edition

IDW has announced during the In Store Comic Convention Kickoff a Mike Zeck's Classic Classic Marvel Stories Artist Edition. It will be around 160 pages and include Mike Zeck's most famous Marvel work on Captain America, Spider-Man, Secret Wars and more. There is not an official page count at this points as the book is still in progress and […]

The Covers To TMNT 45, 46, 47 All Together For The First Time

Debuting at the In Store Comic Convention Kickoff and shown off by Chris Ryall… the triptych cover to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles for #46, #47, #48 ahead of issue fifty, by Mateus Santolouco. Three more covers, #48, #49 and #50 will run below to make a hexatych cover! Check out more of our In-Store Comic Convention Kickoff coverage right […]

The Look Of Marvel's Star Wars Comics In June, Revealed!

We are promised that there will be more Star Wars series from Marvel to be announced soon… ods are heavy on a Boba Fett comic. But they weren't to be drawn at Marvel during the In Store Comic Convention Kickoff… instead we got the first look at the June Star Wars title covers, including the end of […]

Your First Look Inside Secret Wars #1 – And June Covers Revealed By Marvel

Shown off during the In Store Comic Convention Kickoff, your first look inside Secret Wars… Thanos, Mr Sinister and more… We also got to see a few June covers for Secret Wars series… Look everyone, it's Sugarman with Magneto… and a rather cool Captain America And The Mighty Avengers "Last Days" cover on the right…. Is Old […]

Marvel Announces Groot #1 – To Replace Rocket Raccoon For Secret Wars

During Secret Wars, Rocket Raccoon is cancelled and replaced by Groot… launching in June. And announced during the In Store Comic Convention Kickoff! From Jeff Loveness and Brian Kesinger….  Jeff has also been busy with Amazing Spider-Man Special, the first of a trilogy of specials, with Spider-Man interacting with the Inhumans. described by Marvel as the freshest […]