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Amazon Studios, Russo Brothers Team for "Groundbreaking Global Television Franchise"
The streaming service is teaming with The Russo Brothers' (Joe and Anthony Russo) AGBO Studios on what's being described as a "large-scope, international event series." Describing their collaboration as "a groundbreaking global television franchise," Amazon promises that "the Russo Brothers will have the creative freedom to oversee an ambitious concept meant to … redefine the boundaries of storytelling." In a[...]
'Best of HBO International" Showcases Six Series for U.S. Audiences
subscribers to the the scope of its original international series programming, HBO will be showcasing a total of six international series from three key regions across its streaming and VOD platforms Beginning in December and launching under the banner of "Best of HBO International," the cable giant will host two series each from Latin America, Europe[...]
New Rogue One International Trailer – Now With Even More Awesome Battle Scenes
Yesterday the film premiered at Hollywood's Pantages Theatre, complete with an X-Wing parked on Hollywood Boulevard. And the film's stars and industry luminaries walked the carpet, all doing their best to contain their excitement to be seeing the biggest genre film of the year. Photos from last night's spectacular Star Wars #RogueOne premiere! #RogueOnepremiere — Star Wars: Mandalorian[...]
'Where Can I Buy A Copy Of Charlie Hebdo?'
The best places outside continental Europe to find copies will be in airport newsagents and news stands, those in central public transport areas in capital cities or large newsagents in city centres that already have strong international content French language bookstores may also be a possibility. In London, if Heathrow is too far, I would look[...]
Tommy Lee Edwards' Variant Cover For Spider-Men #5 For Dublin Comic Con
Unless you live in Dublin, that is, then you'll be swimming in them. But Tommy Lee Edwards has created a variant exclusive cover for Spider-Men #5 for Dublin International Comic Expo, held at the on September 29th and 30th Guests include Tommy Lee Edwards (of course), Kelly Sue DeConnick, John Layman, Matt Fraction, Rafa Albuquerque, Jeff[...]
DC Cancels Justice League International With Issue 12
In September, DC Comics publishes zero issues of the New 52, to celebrate the year anniversary of the revamp. Some books however, it seems, may not make it that far. Justice League International #12 will be the last issue of the series. An interesting decision as it outsells the like of Suicide Squad, Superboy, Birds Of Power, Green[...]
Exclusive: X-Men First Class International Trailer
It's international And wherever you are, you've seen it here first Make with the clicky. We know there's been an American trailer recently released And this is similar, certainly But it also has footage you haven't seen anywhere else I'll let Brendon tell you what – and why it's important – in an upcoming post. Enjoy[...]
The New Justice League International
Spinning off from Justice League: Generation Lost, Bleeding Cool understands that we can look forward to a new, a very new Justice League International. Back in the day, Justice League written by Giffen and DeMatteis, became Justice League International, a global franchise superhero team and also the first, and possibly best, superhero sitcomic, It was the book[...]
San Diego Comic Con 2011 – EPIC Fail
Ticket sales for Comic Con International: San Diego 2011 are open The four day (with preview night) sold out at last year's show (which means now the only way to get into Preview Night at the show is to attend the previous show) and Four days for $105 full price, or single days for $37 ($20[...]
Francine Burke Leaves DC Comics
I understand that Francine Burke, international licensing manager at DC Comics was dismissed from the company two weeks ago Francine had worked at the comics publisher for eighteen years and for several years at Marvel Comics before that. No official reason has been given, but there has been a noted tendency at DC Comics to remove[...]