New Rogue One International Trailer – Now With Even More Awesome Battle Scenes


With just a few more days before Rogue One finally releases excitement continues to build. Yesterday the film premiered at Hollywood's Pantages Theatre, complete with an X-Wing parked on Hollywood Boulevard.


And the film's stars and industry luminaries walked the carpet, all doing their best to contain their excitement to be seeing the biggest genre film of the year.

For a few hours after everyone went into the theater fandom held it's breath to hear some of the immediate post screening reactions, and in the end, they've been nothing short of ecstatic:

Since they got to see it, but we have to still wait a bit longer, check out this new International trailer. The bulk of the first half of it we've already seen in other trailers (though this one is a bit better cut together), then it starts to go into new footage, and more badass scenes. A different Vader image than I'd recalled, longer street fight scene, and a number of different space scenes. So yea, while we're all waiting for a few more days – check it out!

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