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Rebellion Relaunch Battle Action With Garth Ennis
Following the 2022 Battle Action special published by Rebellion/2000AD, writer Garth Ennis will be returning to the Battle Picture Weekly and Action! brands from IPC to reintroduce a new series, alongside creators John Wagner, Dan Abnett, Torunn Grønbekk, Rob Williams, John Higgins and Chris Burnham.  Launching on the 31st of May in 2000 AD-size magazine format,[...]
John Sanders Tell-All Book About Action and Other UK Comics Secrets
John Sanders was the editorial director at British comic and magazine publisher IPC/Fleetway in the seventies and eighties, publishing a tonne of British weekly comic books, including 2000AD He was also the editor of Action, the controversial and early-cancelled comic book that directly paved the way for 2000AD He hired many famous British comic[...]
Garth Ennis Writing Hellman and Rat Pack for Rebellion – and Why Glyn Dillon Drew Steve Dillon's Tanks in Preacher
The interview starts at the forty-five-minute mark. [audio:https://ia801401.us.archive.org/1/items/panelbordersgenreandinspiration/Panel_Borders_Genre_and_Inspiration.MP3] Here's a few highlights worth noting; Before there was 2000AD, there were Battle and Action comics from IPC, the latter of which was closed down due to content concerns And with Rebellion buying up the IPC rights alongside 2000AD, they are both back[...]