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Iron Circus Comics Leaves Kickstarter, 2500 Sign Up For SmutPeddler
Ten years after Iron Circus first crowdfunded the first volume of the eroticanthology SmutPeddler, they will be crowdfunding two volumes from next Monday, both a tenth anniversary edition of the original, as well as a brand new SmutPeddler for 2023 SmutPeddler Presents: My Monster Girlfriend is Iron Circus' first campaign through BackerKit and almost 2500[...]
Spike Trotman Drops Kickstarter For Iron Circus Comics
But now, as a result of concerns over the use of blockchain technology, Trotman will be bringing the crowdfunding for future Iron Circus graphic novels in-house, with her own crowdfunding infrastructure. And she is launching the new crowdfunder for the third Poorcraft volume, The Poorcraft Cookbook by Nero Villagallos, notable as Trotman's very first Kickstarter campaign[...]
A New Wave of Indie Creators Is Upending Mainstream Comics
The Foglios are the embodiment of indie creators seeking meaningful interaction with readers over engagement for the sake of engagement. Iron Circus Comics, publisher of Smut Peddler C Spike Trotman has raised over a million dollars as an indie publisher, using Kickstarter to carve out a unique spot in the comics industry for Iron Circus[...]
Riesbeck and Kramer Bring Paranormal Office Comedy to Iron Circus
Writer Emily Reisbeck and illustrator Ellen Kramer are playing their part in shaping that hopeful future with It's Your Funeral, a brand new young adult graphic novel from Iron Circus Comics. It's Your Funeral cover Credit: Iron Circus Comics. Iron Circus pitches the new young adult graphic novel, initially slated for June but delayed by that wild, viral bandit, like[...]