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Tarzan Swings on in With New Figures From Boss Fight Studio
These characters are beloved by many fans and with Boss Fight Studio they are in good hands and a must have for any collector. The Tarzan and Jane Porter 1/18 Scale Hero H.A.C.K.S Figures from Boss Fight Studio will be priced at $25.99 There is no expected release date just yet but fans can pre-order them[...]
Emma Beeby's Commentary On Swords Of Sorrow: Pantha / Jane Porter
Her one-shot special focuses on the characters of Pantha from the Vampirella series and Jane Porter from Tarzan The cover for the issue was done by Mirka Andolfo while the interiors were by Rod Rodolfo. Page 2 I knew I was going to have quite a task in introducing these two characters, because we've never really met[...]
Rod Rodolfo's Process Art For Swords Of Sorrow: Pantha / Jane Porter Special
We have some process art from Swords of Sorrow: Pantha / Jane Porter Special by Rod Rodolfo and colors by Nanjan Jamberi Its based on a script by Emma Beeby. Ancient Egyptian demon hunter and shape shifter, Pantha, is thrown across a Rift into the early twentieth century London, straight into the path of Jane Porter,[...]
Exclusive: Swords Of Sorrow Adds Pantha And Jane Porter To The Mix In August
With it being the fourth month of the all-female written summer event, we have the Vampirella / Jennifer Blood series wrapping up and a new special featuring Pantha and Jane Porter from the Edgar Rice Burroughs Tarzan universe. Swords of Sorrow #4 (OF 6) Covers: Tula Lotay and Emanuela Lupacchino Writer: Gail Simone Art: Sergio Davila The wildest Dynamite crossover[...]