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Hugh Jackman Will Play Senator Gary Hart In Political Drama 'The Frontrunner'

Remember when scandals stopped people from being president? Hart also ran in 1984, ultimately losing to Walter Mondale, who lost to Ronald Reagan.Jason Reitman will direct the film, which will offer moviegoers an escape from the relentless current real-life political drama through the escapism of real-life political drama from thirty years ago No word yet[...]

London Film Festival Report – Reviews Of Labor Day And The Congress

Some thoughts on Jason Reitman's follow-up to his remarkable Young Adult and Ari Folman's live-action/animation hybrid, which sees Robin Wright play multiple fictionalised versions of herself.[Brendon's abuse of editorial license: For what it's worth, I liked Labor Day rather more than Craig did, but anything involving pies is just how he describes it below.]Labor DayJason Reitman[...]

Casting Roundup: Benedict Cumberbatch, Adam Sandler, Cameron Diaz And More

Benedict Cumberbatch goes into the jungle, two new YA stars are born, and Jason Reitman lines up his next all star cast.• Jason Reitman's Labor Day just wowed Telluride and is about to premiere at Toronto but the director is not waiting around He's already moving on to his next project, an adaptation of novel[...]

New Images From Labor Day, Machete Kills And Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

In addition to new images from The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, The Hobbit: The Desolation Of Smaug, American Hustle and The Monuments Men EW have posted even more new stills from upcoming films.First up is an image of the Anchorman gang, looking pretty fly in their 1970s threads.And a first look at Jason Reitman's upcoming 1980s set[...]

Diablo Cody To Write And Direct Lamb Of God

Cody is still busy writing screenplays, and hallelujah to that.Next out of the traps will be Young Adult, as directed by her Juno collaborator, Jason Reitman, and which I found exceptional on the page; and now, news breaks of Lamb of God, another original screenplay, this time to be directed by Cody herself.Here's the film's[...]

Reitman And Cody's Young Adult Gets Wilson And Oswalt

I'm about to geek out.When Josh Brolin was rumoured for a lead role in Jason Reitman's next picture, Young Adult, I expressed some dismay at how the character of Buddy Slade is written as "a little less handsome than Brolin" Now, no offense is meant to Patrick Wilson, but he's a much better choice for[...]