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Free on Bleeding Cool – Purgatori #1 by Aaron Gillespie and Javier Garcia Miranda
Plus the Purgatori series by Aaron Gillespie and Javier Garcia Miranda Here is the first issue for you to enjoy. For more information on Dynamite's Thrills and Chills bundle, click here. Dynamite Entertainment has launched a new digital bundle with Storybundle, this time called Thrills and Chills and features: Game of Thrones, Evil Ernie, Vampirella, Dresden Files, Alice Cooper,[...]
Free On Bleeding Cool – Purgatori #1 And #2
We have the first two issues of Dynamite's comics series Purgatori by Aaron Gillespie and Javier Garcia Miranda With the fifth issue having just hit the stands last week, here you can get a good feel for the series and if you want to read more, you can check your local comic shop or grab[...]
Free On Bleeding Cool – Purgatori #1 By Gillespie And Miranda
Its part of the new Chaos Comics line and is written by Aaron Gillespie and drawn by Javier Garcia Miranda. Dynamite has all of the chaos books available in stores as well as on their DRM-free digital comic website. We made it through Christmas and heading towards the new year, so you might be looking for[...]
'What Can I Say? I'm A Sadist.' – Aaron Gillespie Talks Purgatori
How is artist Javier Garcia Miranda doing, in your estimation? AG: I couldn't imagine doing this book with anyone else. Since so much of Purgatori's struggle is internal, this arc provides some real challenges for an artist Javier seems to have no trouble visualizing that inner struggle At times Purgatori is vulnerable, other times she is overly[...]
Purgatori Gets Her Own Series As Chaos Titles Continue To Expand With Dynamite
The new series will be written by Aaron Gillespie and interior art by Javier Garcia Miranda and cover by Nei Ruffino, Joyce Chin, José Luís, Tony Fleecs and Tim Seeley. "As a teenage metal head, I was instantly drawn to the first Chaos line," says writer Aaron Gillespie "They were dangerous and alluring and I was[...]