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 Jay Hosler Goes Back to the Bee With The Way of the Hive
Jay Hosler is an entomologist and associate professor of biology at Juniata College He is also a graphic novelist who burst onto the scene with Clan Apis, a Xeric Foundation Award-winning comic that follows the life of a honey bee named Nyuki, conveying factual information about honey bees in a humorous fashion as Nyuki learns[...]
Bugging Jay Hosler About His Graphic Novel Last Of The Sandwalkers
Photo credit: Lisa Hosler Adventure, bugs, and comic books are definitely the way to any young reader's heart, and thanks to entomologist and cartoonist Jay Hosler the combination of the three is what makes his graphic novel Last of the Sandwalkers from First Second Books so enjoyable Hosler is able to produce a science-fiction adventure story[...]