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Jed Mercurio's Graphic Novel, Sleeper, Out This Week
Writer and creator of hit TV show Line Of Duty, and one of many tipped to be the new showrunner of Doctor Who, Jed Mercurio, also has his first graphic novel out this week Sleeper is co-written with actor Prasanna Puwanarajah and drawn by Coke Navarro as a sci-fi space epic, the first volume of[...]
The Real Four Identities Of Line Of Duty's H Revealed By Private Eye?
But hidden inside the pages is a much greater conspiracy theory regarding the identity of H in BBC's Line Of Duty by the magazine's regular TV columnist Remote Controller. Reading between the lines of Line Of Duty was criticism of government, especially the current iteration, from writer Jed Mercurio With the character of Ted Hastings stating[...]
Jed Mercurio Vs Peter Bailey Over Line Of Duty And Being A Loser
Earlier this week, Bleeding Cool ran an article headlined "Disappointed With Line Of Duty Finale? You Weren't Paying Attention" looking at the controversial finale to the current series of Jed Mercurio's Line Of Duty on BBC The show got a fifty-six point share of viewing and with over 12 million viewers, the largest drama audience[...]