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Grendel, Kentucky: AWA Studios Previews Modern Beowulf Update
Now we have the Southern Gothic Horror graphic novel trade collection of Grendel, Kentucky by Jeff McComsey and Tommy Lee Edwards Yes, the AWA Studios previews extravaganza continues, as we present 5 titles out this week and next week from the publisher's list! AWA Studios has sent along with the cover and first pages of[...]
Alex De Campi Teams Veterans With Comics Artists For True War Stories
D'Amico, Drew Moss, Josh Hood, PJ Holden, Chris Peterson, Sam Hart, Jeff McComsey, and Paul Williams Colors are by Dee Cunniffe, Matt Soffe, Kelly Fitzpatrick, Tarsis Cruz, and Aladdin Collar All lettering will be done by Alex de Campi. "Working on this book has been one of my personal high points in comics" say Alex de[...]
ET-ER Cover
The first issue is written by Jeff McComsey, drawn by the prolific Javier Pulido, and lettered by Dezi Sienty Andrew Robinson created the cover. The Cover Art for AWA Studio's ET-ER #1. AWA Studios: This Is How You Stealth-Release a New Comic This new release comes as a surprise Instead of weeks or months of previews, AWA kept[...]
Flutter Collection
Do you want to brush up your knowledge of Flutter, the comic by Jennie Wood, Jeff McComsey, and Chris Goodwin once named the 12th best indie comic by Bleeding Cool, before its TV adaptation comes out so you can impress all your non-comics-reading friends with your hip comics knowledge, but don't feel like purchasing two separate volumes to read?[...]
Jeff McComsey Talks Z-Men, Rise And Double Take
Double Take launched their 10 titles in a day based on the Night of the Living Dead recently and I had a chance to talk with the writer of two of the company's flagship titles, Jeff McComsey Jeff writes Z-Men and co-writes Rise with Michael Coast Here he talks about the two series and how[...]
Talking Double Take And Their 10 Title Launch With Gabe Yocum
Then we have Jeff McComsey who did Fubar: Mother Russia who is writing Z-Men for us which tells the story of LBJ [President Johnson] finding out what's going on in Western Pennsylvania and sending two Secret Service agents out to investigate We also have several people from the NPR podcast The Moth If you're not[...]