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When a Comic Book Facebook Group Gets Political The Day Before a General Election
The Conservative Party has had to throw their usual fiscal conservatism to the dogs, and up public spending across the board paid for increased borrowing, But that's nothing to the opposing Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour Party who are upping public spending, borrowing, nationalisation and taxation weighted on the richest 5%, those who earn over[...]
Welcome To Weird Britain – What The UK General Election Might Mean
That's how it works. For Americans, we don't have a President, but it's as if the Electoral College was the legislature, and the executive drawn from within its ranks. Theresa May was struggling, her majority of Conservative MPs in the House Of Commons was repeatedly challenged, even while the public support for Labour, the opposition party was low,[...]
A Very Political Power Rangers
It's dangerous, all this Power Rangers PR bouncing around the place, ahead of the release of the new movie. It means that when I'm doing a political