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Alan Moore Talks To Russia Today About The End Of The World
Well, with his interview with Sophie Shevardnadze as part of her Visionaries series on Russia Today (RT) about Jerusalem, V For Vendetta, Doomsday Clocks, Tunisia, masks, anonymity, and eternity ahead, you can just watch and listen before quoting him out of context and maybe, just maybe, keep that tone in mind when doing so… As well as[...]
The Man Who Has Read Alan Moore's Jerusalem. Out Loud.
Alan Moore's second novel, Jerusalem is due to be released later this year But if reading more that 600,000 words fills you with a little trepidation, why not look to someone who has done it for you? Like the award-winning Simon Vance, who has read for the audio version of the book And who took a trip[...]
A First Look At Alan Moore's Jerusalem, Out In 2016
Who are the UK publishers of Alan Moore's upcoming second novel, Jerusalem (Liveright are the US publishers.) Which is how they came by Alan Moore's blurb for the novel in question…              In the half a square mile of decay and demolition that was England's Saxon capital, eternity is loitering between the[...]
Alan Moore's Jerusalem To Be Published In 2016 By Knockabout And Liveright
Alan Moore first announced he was writing a novel called Jerusalem in an interview I conducted with him back in 2005 but he'd been working on it for ten years before that. 600,000 words later, we have a publisher Or publishers. Knockabout, the UK publishers of League Of Extraordinary Gentlemen, will be publishing Jerusalem in the UK in the[...]
Alan Moore Corrects The Score – His New Novel Is Less Than A Million Words
When Alan Moore announced he'd finished his novel Jerusalem, there was one fact everyone wanted to report. Northampton News Comics legend Alan Moore has finished the first draft of his second novel, Jerusalem – and it runs to more than one million words. The Verge For context, that's more than two Lord of the Rings, or about as long as the[...]
Quick! To The Bat Kippot!
With their own suit. And they have targeted the same store on Ben-Yehuda Street in Jerusalem as Marvel did, over what they claim as an infringement of the Batman trademark The Kippa Man store is the best known of these small shops that sell knock-off trademarked Jewish paraphernalia from China. And it's the law firm of Ivtsan,[...]
Alan Moore's Jerusalem And New League For 2013
It may take some time to read, it's taken a very long to write. Jerusalem, by Alan Moore And, according to this leaflet handed out at the Gosh! Comics signing yesterday, it's scheduled for Autumn in 2013. Moore first mentioned it in an interview with me seven years ago, a follow up to Voice Of The Fire,[...]
Alan Moore Reads A Chapter Of Jerusalem For Thirty-Five Minutes (VIDEO)
At Northampton Central Library, Alan Moore read to an audience one chapter of his upcoming novel Jerusalem The twenty-fourth chapter, as told by the statue of the statue of the archangel Michael on the Northampton Guild Hall. It rather reminds me of the Voice Of The Fire episode, from the point of view of a head[...]
Drawn And Quarterly To Publish Angoulême Winner – Guy Delisle's Jerusalem
Recently, Bleeding Cool reported that the Canadian graphic novel Jerusalem: Chronicles from the Holy City by Guy Delisle had won the Faux D'Or at Angouleme, for the best album of the year Of course it was in French, and I have a hard enough time getting through the original Tintin Well, in May Drawn &[...]
Alan Moore – Building Jerusalem
In among reports on Spanish festivals, cinematic Manchester punk, the story of Long Jeanne Silver and the All About Loud comic, was a longform frank interview from Jerry Glover with Alan Moore about Lost Girls, pornography, relationships, drugs, physics, astrophysics, the nature of reality and his upcoming novel Jerusalem It's a must for any Alan[...]