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Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due – The Ant-Man Screenplay

Wright and Joe Cornish wrote the original script that was later re-written by McKay and Rudd Some of the scenes couldn't have been changed too drastically as Reed used some of the storyboards that were created when Wright was still attached.The case went to the Writer's Guild for arbitration The decision was to give Wright[...]

Adam McKay Is The New Director Of Ant-Man – UPDATED: Not Any More

One of those, I'm afraid, is that the film business is a business, run by managers, and whether or not the eight years of love Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish put into Ant-Man should count for something, they sadly don't.Now.. next question The bigger question What is Edgar Wright going to do next? And how[...]

Joe Cornish To Direct Jack O'Connell In Spy Thiller Section 6

Has Joe Cornish really, at last found his first directing gig since breaking out with 2011's Attack the Block? The Wrap is reporting he has indeed signed on to direct his next film, and it's one that should be right up his alley: spy thriller Section 6, which has Jack O'Connell attached to one of[...]

Joe Cornish Not Directing Star Trek 3

Despite what seemed like a pretty long negotiating process wherein both parties were interested in making it happen, it seems Paramound could not close a deal with Attack the Block director Joe Cornish to take over for JJ Abrmas on Star Trek 3.In their report on the new writers the franchise is getting for its[...]

Joe Cornish Latest Rumored Frontrunner For Star Trek 3 Director Job

Joe Cornish Deadline reports Paramount is "sweet on" the British writer/director to take over the reigns, which still doesn't sound exactly solid, but is pretty good news nonetheless.The studio is really picking some good candidates for the job, up and coming directors who've demonstrated a firm grasp of the sci-fi/action drama Wyatt was probably never[...]

Marvel's Ant-Man Favourites Said To Be Paul Rudd And Joseph Gordon Levitt

Without knowing precisely what Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish's screenplay has in store for the character, however, I certainly couldn't pick a favourite, let alone a winner.It's seemed inevitable that Joseph Gordon-Levitt would get a superhero role at some point Will fans think this is the right one, however, or will they have wished for[...]

Joe Cornish To Direct Film Of Royden Lepp's Rust

Well, how's about this then.This time last year, two of the most memorable moments of Comic-Con for me were meeting Royden Lepp and speaking to him about his comic, Rust; and being addressed personally in a Hall H panel for Attack the Block by Joe Cornish, which led to a few days of folk taking[...]

Nathan Fillion Guest Stars In The Superheroes, A Web Video From Sam And Tim Daly

Check out this jingle from The Adam & Joe Radio Show, the lamented BBC 6 Music highlight from Adam Buxton and Attack the Block director Joe Cornish.[youtube][/youtube]Clearly something 'royalty free.'Thanks to Superhero Hype for the webisode. The starting point for this mini-sitcom episode is that Nathan Fillion and Tim Daly have both provided voices for animated[...]

101 Films From 2011 That You Really Shouldn't Have Missed

Executing a film that blends genres this intrinsically is always tricky, but debut director Joe Cornish seems to have drawn on a legacy of films that he really, truly loved, and applied their conventions, in sometimes surprising ways, to the South London world he grew up in Complex and smart and filled with telling details.1[...]

America! Watch The Best Film Of The Year (So Far) For Just $0.99

Right now, Amazon in the US are offering online rentals of Attack the Block for just $0.99. Clearly, that's an offer too good to pass up. I think it's the best film I've seen this year – so far at least – but lots of other people have shared their enthusiasm for the film too: […]

Prisoners Of The Sun Not Tintin 2 But Probably Tintin 3

We all found different plot holes, were all put off by different aesthetics and all had some issue or another with the action sequences.  In short: there's plenty in this film to put off everyone.Disappointing, seeing as Steven Moffat, Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish were behind the screenplay I'd be really interested in seeing what[...]

Where The Writers Credits Are As Big As The Actors And Directors… Tintin

This seems a rather rare occurence. Not on all the press certainly, but on this UK poster for Tintin in particular, the name of the writers is the same size as that as the director. And the cast. And the film's subtitle. Indeed, the only thing bigger than the writers' names is the main title […]

So How About Attack The Block: The TV Show – Or An American Remake?

If somebody wants to have a go and pick up the reigns for their own attempt at Attack the Block, I'll wish them luck.The writer-director of the original, Joe Cornish, is out at New York Comic-Con right now Tomorrow, he'll be giving away copies of the print you can see at the head of this[...]

Lots Of New Tintin Images

Here are the best.What these pictures don't reveal are the real big hooks: the film's screenplay is credited to Steven Moffat, Edgar Wright and Joe Cornish.For the full gallery, old pictures and all, visit Falcon. Tintin will finally be with[...]