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Mark Millar's Starlight Getting Film Treatment, Joe Cornish Directing
Starlight will be written and directed by Attack the Block's Joe Cornish for 20th Century Studios Simon Kinberg and Audrey Chon are producing through Kinberg's Genre Films banner, and Nira Park has joined as producer This will join Wanted, Kick-Ass, and Kingsman in the Mark Millar cinematic universe, with a Jupiter's Legacy show debuting soon on Netflix[...]
Attack The Block's Joe Cornish's New Netflix Show, Lockwood & Co
For British viewers, especially men, of a certain age and nerdy disposition, Joe Cornish is one half of the comedy duo with Adam Buxton who informed a good chunk of our teenage outlook on life with The Adam & Joe Show on Channel 4 They both went on to do other stuff, Adam Buxton had[...]
Giving Credit Where Credit Is Due – The Ant-Man Screenplay
Wright and Joe Cornish wrote the original script that was later re-written by McKay and Rudd Some of the scenes couldn't have been changed too drastically as Reed used some of the storyboards that were created when Wright was still attached. The case went to the Writer's Guild for arbitration The decision was to give Wright[...]
Joe Cornish Not Directing Star Trek 3
Despite what seemed like a pretty long negotiating process wherein both parties were interested in making it happen, it seems Paramound could not close a deal with Attack the Block director Joe Cornish to take over for JJ Abrmas on Star Trek 3. In their report on the new writers the franchise is getting for its[...]