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The Flash: Michael Keaton on Marvel, DC, and Revisiting Batman
When Burton declined to be in what became 1995's Batman Forever, plans were originally to include Keaton to reprise the role with Joel Schumacher to direct Unfortunately, a creative clash between the two led to Keaton's exit and the subsequent casting of Val Kilmer as the Caped Crusader (who wasn't fond of the experience himself)[...]
Val Kilmer as Batman in Batman Forever. Image courtesy of Warner Bros
Since WarnerMedia announced they will release the Zack Snyder cut of Justice League (2017) for release in 2021, there have been rumblings of other directors who might see their original cuts of their DC films come to light from David Ayer's original cut of Suicide Squad (2016) to now a darker cut of Joel Schumacher's[...]
The Lost Boys (Image: WarnerMedia)
But to honor filmmaker Joel Schumacher, who passed away last month, VSF returned for "one night only" with five favorite Schumacher films (and leaving nothing to debate about what their top pick is)- and we're including the trailers to make things a little easier: The Lost Boys, Flatliners, Falling Down, Tigerland, and Phone Booth: A look[...]
The Lost Boys, Falling Down Top 5 Best Joel Schumacher Films
Director Joel Schumacher was never afraid to take risks over his five-decade career He dabbled in everything from court thrillers adapting John Grisham novels A Time to Kill and The Client to the big screen, supernatural thrillers in Flatliners and The Lost Boys, and action-comedies like the Batman films Despite his passing on June 22nd,[...]
Val Kilmer as Batman in Batman Forever. Image courtesy of Warner Bros
If there's anything Seal is grateful for, it's how Joel Schumacher helped his music career The director passed at the age of 80 on June 22nd When looking for any love songs for Batman Forever, Schumacher approached Seal about using one of his songs The musician shared the story via Instagram about how "Kiss From[...]
Joel Schumacher at the Los Angeles Premiere of "The Number 23". The Orpheum Theater, Los Angeles, CA. 02-13-07. Editorial credit: s_bukley /
Joel Schumacher, producer, and director, has passed away He was 80 years old He was battling cancer for the last year and succumbed to the disease on Monday He directed such hits as St Elmo's Fire, Flatliners, The Lost Boys, Falling Down, The Client, A Time To Kill, 8MM, and of course, Batman Forever and[...]
Defiant Joel Schumacher On Batman's Bat-Nipples: "I'm Still Glad We Did It"
Joel Schumacher's 1997 cinematic abomination Batman & Robin nearly killed the Batman movie franchise entirely, until Christopher Nolan returned to save it with an emergency reboot, Batman Begins, in 2003 The complaints about the film are too numerous to list here in this article, but all of the problems can probably be summed up with just[...]
Okay, So *Something* Is Happening With Those Joel Schumacher Batman Comics
Last week, Bleeding Cool heard a rumour that Joel Schumacher was writing a Batman comic book with artist Dustin Nguyen, remaking his three Batman films (Two made, one planned) into a 12 issue comic book As rumours go it was well sourced, with a solid line of provenance and it fitted in with recent changes in[...]
Sadly, Joel Schumacher Does Not Appear To Be Writing Batman Comics
Batballs to it. Bleeding Cool reported in good faith the rumour that Batman director Joel Schumacher and Dustin Nguyen were working on a comic book to revisit Schumacher's original plans for a Batman movie trilogy, Batman Forever, Batman & Robin and Batman Triumphant, in a twelve-issue Batman comic for DC Comics. Fantastic as it sounded, it tallied[...]